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White golf bag please

mike roye

I would love to see Titleist make a bag that is 95% white. It's just my preference. How about you guys.

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  1. Ryan G

    Yes, totally agree. I had one from another company about 5 years ago and it looks really sharp
  2. Dave N

    I struggle keeping the white on my shoes clean, white is not for me.
  3. Dr O

    I would game that...of course I would game most anything from Titleist! I do like light colored bags. Black bags get hot, and red bags turn pink. I had a white hoofer a few years ago that I really liked before switching to a 4up stadry and players stand bag
  4. Marc S

    I couldn't agree more. If a white bag was available I would jump on it for sure.
  5. JFreeman

    a 917 bag would be nice to go with the headcovers of the woods.
  6. mike roye

    I wonder what we would have to do to get Titleist's attention on this?
  7. Doug E

    I'm pretty sure there is a white bag in the Japan market. They are available on line, but at a very premium price. I see them for sale on ebay, though I have no interest in taking a chance on an overseas deal. Who knows if they are for real. My guess is they are, but I would hate to pay $500 for a White Titleist Staff Bag and find out after waiting weeks for it to arrive from Japan, that it's fake.
  8. masamitsu

    You can always special order your preferred color combo thru your pro shop (I think?).

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