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New Golf Bag Arrived Today!!!

Chuck Z

What a pleasant surprise. As my wife was leaving today I heard her blowing her horn and could not figure was the problem could be. I looked outside and saw her waving and when I exited the garage, I saw her pointing towards the front steps and yelling "what did you order now?". I ordered a Mid Size Staff Bag a while back and almost forgot about it and there on the porch was this big Titleist box with this beautiful new bag inside. Perfect timing. Supposed to meet my financial advisor Thursday morning at the Daniel Island Golf Course and a new bag to game. Playing a little golf and discussing his next new set of Titleist clubs. Now is can dispose of my faded cart bag. Here is my current set up: Mid Size Staff Bag, Tour Staff Bag (Folds of Honor) and a Lightweight Bag for traveling when I have to fly.

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18 Replies

  1. Barry B

    Nice bag Chuck. I'm surprised you didn't have your name embroidered on it.
  2. Deno

    Beep Beep!!!!
    Nice set up Chuck. Very class FOH Titleist bag
  3. Gabriel G

    Beautiful bag. I am jealous!
  4. Dwayne N

    nice bag Chuck I just got one just like it
  5. CMcCubrey

    Looks awesome, Chuck! I live in Charleston as well. I will look out for that bag out on the course!
  6. Chuck Z

    Barry B

    Nice bag Chuck. I'm surprised you didn't have your name embroidered on it.

    I do not put my name on bags anymore. If I get a newer model, I normally pass my old bag on and no one wants a bag with my name on it. You cannot purchase new plates for the tour bags! That lightweight is my out of Towner and the only one with my name on it. If I change my mind, I have a friend who does that type of work and is very good and reasonable. She did my lightweight.
  7. Michael JC

    Sweet set up Chuck!
    " What did you order now?"...LOL!!
  8. Steve S

    Hello Chuck, loved the post and the pictures. Thanks for sharing !
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  9. Tyler H

    Nice bag. Did you get your name or the TT logo on the panel?
  10. Bruce S

    Congrats on your new bag Chuck and your other bags aren't too shabby either.
  11. Jonathan L

    Nice golf bags .. I love the Folds of Honor one!
  12. JFreeman

    Nice Bag Chuck and a nice set up very similar to my set, I have the 2016 staff stand bag which is great on and off my cart,

    Was wondering as I am looking into a new bag myself, I'm torn between the Sta Dry cart bag or the midsize bag like yourself.

    I know that the midsize bags arn't fully waterproof but since I've had no problems with my existing bag I I'd prefer the look off the midsize but wouldn't want to compromise too much on the durability as playing in the UK a large majority of my golf is in the rain.

    good problem to have as either way ill get a quality titleist bag just need to man up and make my mind on one or the other.
  13. Brett S

    I am very Jelouse of that! Looks beautiful
    I have a titleist bag with my name on it from my high school team but I think it's time to get a new one!!
  14. Chris R

    Nice Chuck!!! As always thanks for sharing.
  15. Justinu3

    Looking like a pro Chuck. I would expect nothing less
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