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New players collection golf bag 4


How do you utilize the various pockets in this bag. Lots of room but not as many pockets as my last bag

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  1. Scott Golightly

    Balls in the main spine pocket, tees in the top interior pocket with tools and ball markers in the mesh one INSIDE of that pocket. I keep gloves (in their envelopes) and yardage books in the small pocket (the one that would be just off your left hip when carrying. Bag hood, some small hand towels, rain shell, snacks, bug/sun spray, blister band-aids, adjustment wrench and charging brick for my phone in the large exterior pocket. Phone, wallet, keys, watch, VoiceCaddy in the upper exterior pocket (with the water seal and "4" logo on it). Then just club towel, brush and rangefinder on the metal accessory loop. Sharpie in the pen slot on the spine of the bag.

    I tend to travel a little heavy just because I know that I use a cart or trolley most of the time, but I'll pare down to a lighter setup if I'm just carrying (namely, I'll ditch the charging brick, VoiceCaddy, leave watch, wallet and sprays in the truck, make a judgement call as to whether I really need to bring umbrella, bag hood, waterproofs and leave those at the truck as well, swap Yeti waterbottle for a normal Crystal Geyser-type bottle).

    I like the Players 4 because it winds up packing more than it looks like it would be able to.


    Orange - left-hip pocket
    Purple - pen slot
    Blue - large exterior
    Red - main spine pocket
    White - the pockets inside main spine
    Green - sealed zipper "4" pocket
    Post Image

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