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Latin on My Golf Tees

Garry B

I like my golf tees personalized with something to help my game. My last batch had the words Swing Smoothly in Augusta Green on white tees. Since those are almost gone I decided to order some with the words Be Patient to help me when I am playing poorly and getting frustrated. And, I wanted the words in Latin. I used an on-line translator to come up with what I thought were the right words but I’ve worked overseas enough to know that literal translations can sometimes come out a bit ‘funny’ so I decided to check with someone to make sure I had it right.

It is not all that easy to find someone who teaches Latin even in a city the size of Houston. I finally found an Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of St. Thomas who was incredibly helpful. He told me that the on-line translation was not what I was looking for and suggested Lente (pronounced Lent Tay) which means slowly or patiently.

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3 Replies

  1. Don O

    Makes sense. One of the first longer-acting insulins was branded "Lente". Hopefully Eli LIlley won't claim a copy-write infringement. ;-)
  2. Jack H

    Super cool! Great idea! Enjoy them!
  3. Dino J

    Hey Gary, for your next batch, perhaps consider "carpe diem" ... I would think that it could be appropriate too and a reminder when you tee a ball!

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