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Titleist Players 5 Golf Stand Bag Rain Hood

Scott B

Hi Can somebody where I can get a rain hood for my 2017 Titleist Players 5 Golf Stand Bag as I purchased the bag about 8 weeks ago and didn't realise that there should be one in there. I've checked the bag and all pockets but there its not in there, I have been in touch with the shop that I bought it from and they have told me that they are waiting to hear back from Titleist, but that was over 2 weeks ago and I'm getting really fed up now.

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  1. Scott Golightly

    Probably a higher-end solution than what would have been provided with the bag at purchase, but I have this one and would swear by it.

    Just figure that at a certain point it's worth the investment, not to have to deal with the process of getting a free one anymore... At least, that has been my thinking in past.
  2. Tim H

    I bought a Titleist bag a couple of years ago and the rain hood was folded tight against the back of the ball pocket. I had the bag for a couple weeks before i found it.
  3. TAustell


    It seems a bit odd that the bag would ship without the requisite hood, and I wonder if the problem is not on the retailers end. Any chance that they might pull one from another bag for you while they await a replacement? If not, can you return the bag, and start over again with a new bag? The shop should not make this your problem.....
  4. Scott B

    Thanks for the comments guys, just to update as I'm still waiting from a response from the retailer. I did ask could I have another cover from another bag but they told me they don't have the same colour bags in stock. Also I have checked the bag throughly but its definitely not in there and I did think about returning the bag back to them but after 28 days and as the bag has been used by myself that is not a option unless the bag became faulty. The towel/rainhood cover is a option but I'm honestly not a big fan of these because I could never get the plastic clip to fasten to the bag correctly so that when it placed over the clubs and its still attached to the bag. Hopefully somebody from Team Titleist will comment and point me in the right direction.
    Many thanks

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