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Dear All,

probably this question has been ask before but could not find anything.

Is there anyway to receive TT golf tag or other gear?

I am in France and it s seems that we are a bit forgotten here.

Anyway to create a TT France, receiving gear and to make an additional TT team overseas?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


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  1. Chuck Z

    Team Titleist exists in:

    Australia/New Zealand
    South East Asia
    United Kingdom/Ireland
    United States

    UK might be your closest.
  2. MMaingre

    Thanks for the feedback. Appreciated.
    Sad that in the continental Europe, no TT is present.
    I feel a bit left alone.
    I would love to represent and show the TT gear if we can receive some.
  3. Gary Pierpont

    It appears as most TT gear is given to those who are the most active in the discussions. If you would like a bag tag, I would say try to be as active as you can and hope TT rewards you with some surprise mail.
  4. Joe D

    Make sure you complete your profile, stay active on T/T and be patient and maybe you will recieve some swag.
  5. augusto r

    you might have your own T/T in EU,i have seen the T/T tag ,it says team titleist EU, sold in ebay.i am very surprise.just be patient and be active,you'll get one.
  6. MMaingre

    Gary and Joe,
    Thank you for your feedback.
    So I just have to be more creative and more present here if I understood well.
    And be patient!
    Thanks anyway for your advice.
  7. Kevin N

    Good luck on snagging one MM. If I had one I would send it to you as a way of saying thanks to all the wonderful people that I met in France when I visited for the first time last summer. A wonderful country, amazing culture and I cannot wait to go back with my sticks next time!
  8. MMaingre

    Dear Kevin N,
    Thanks a lot for your compliment on my country.
    I am an expatriate and I just came back to France for the next 3 years.
    You know you ve been lucky to meet nice French People. A lot of them are a bit coldish at first glance :-)
    If one day you come to the south ouest of France (i am in Toulouse area), i will be more than happy to share a round of golf with you.
    We have lovely golf around the south ouest.
    I hope Hannah can send two tags then :-)
  9. Thomas M

    You seem to be very determined to get your hands on a Bag Tag asking the same thing over and over again. Just be patient, and you never know your luck.

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