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Finally Completed my Titleist set up


I have totally converted from swoosh to a total Titleist setup. Thanks to all on Team Titleist.

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  1. Ty B

    This photo is a thing of beauty. Good stuff!
  2. Chuck Z

    Nice new setup. Wise decision. Welcome to TT.
  3. Ed S

    That is a really mean looking set! Congrats and best of luck with it!
  4. Joseph M

    I recently did the same thing back in April of this year after 7 years with swoosh and I can tell you one thing my game has never been better. I know you will love the new set-up and enjoy being apart of Team Titleist
  5. gary h

    nicely done, hit them straight :)
  6. Darryl M

    Nice looking set, finished mine up last month with a new Scotty. Enjoy them.
  7. DAWG

    Played twice today and shot my lowest score ever and broke it in the same day.
  8. Gary Pierpont

    I love the all black look. Good luck on the course!
  9. RBH

    Congratulations. I completed Titleist setup earlier this summer as well. Best thing I have done. Other than the bag (I am to old and broken to carry but gave in to the deluxe cart bag), looks like you are a very wise man. Your setup from head covers to clubs is identical to mine. Wise choices!!!
  10. Darron K

    Pretty sick setup!
  11. Jeffery M

    Congrats! I also went all Titleist in July from Swoosh and my game has never been better. Still adjusting the yardages on my irons. I have alot more confidence in my game now and have hit shots I've never hit before. Hope you hit yours well also!
  12. Don O

    Good looking setup. My move from swoosh was easy - when I first started I was buying used drivers. The square head lasted about 2 weeks - everyone hated the the loud tin can sound. That phase of shopping the used racks lasted almost 3 years. First "real" purchase was a G15. The 917 will be my first driver hanging around for longer than 15 months.
  13. Michael JC

    Very nice set up!
  14. WCollins

    Just finished mine today with the 917 driver. Same story...from swoosh to Titleist, with a few pngs mingled along the way. I too have a similar set-up, but with 714 AP1s, and a Newport 2.5 putter.
  15. Golfbum23

    Love the all black look with the leather head covers! Great looking set! Welcome to TT.
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