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Mid sized Staff bag falling a part

Kevin B

I bought a mid sized staff bag 3 years ago... the zipper tags are falling off, and there is one zipper that has lost the zipper pull all together.... its a zipper i never use is there some where I can take or send my bag to to get repaired?????

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  1. Tom B

    Wow! Mine is a little better than 3 years old and it's still in great shape. Haven't had a problem with any of the zippers, pockets or anything, and it's still in great shape. I love it. I wouldn't want to carry it unless someone was paying me a grand a week and 10%, but otherwise it is my main bag. I use it on an electric push cart (my R2D2) and store the bag and clubs at the course in the bag room, so even getting handled around with various bag room folks moving it around.
  2. augusto r

    Sorry to hear that Kevin B. Just buy a new one or a used titleist golf bag,mid size.
  3. GMillar

    Can't speak to where you live, but i took a bag for a similar repair last year. I actually went to a place that deal with airlines (when the damage your luggage). Maybe worth googling or reaching out to an airline :-S which likely isn't ideal. Just depends how attached you are to the bag!
  4. Frank P

    I lost a zipper pull some months ago and here is what I did. Take a black zip tie (which you can get at Lowe's or Home Depot in the electrical dept.) and run it thru the slot where the pull is attached, adjust the size to fit your finger and cut off the excess zip tie. It's not as nice as a Titleist zipper pull, but it works.
  5. RGilmore

    I have the same thing going on with my 2 month old bag. i posted a new discussion on it. it is a shame. My current club pro (i bought this from my former club) says he has problems with the Titleist rep and did not come out and say it exactly but recommended i get a hoofer 14. I love the Titleist bag it is a shame the zippers seem to be less than sturdy.
  6. RGilmore

    Wow, nothing beats the TT.. Less than 24 hours after i posted the issues I had with my almost new Titleist bag a rep from Titleist reached out and made sure it was taken care of ... Thanks Titleist you are a class act.

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