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Lets get deep, why do you play Titleist?

Sam K

Greeting's all! First I would like to say please add me as a friend on here so I will be better connected to our Team Titleist family. I have enjoyed reading a lot of your stories and questions. This topic can be as shallow or as deep as you like it to be. A simple question, why do you play Titleist?

For me, golf is a process that cannot be mastered. Though some come close, there are entirely too many variables to account for day in and day out. I believe that golf is a complex discipline. I pursue progress in this discipline because I believe it directly co-relates to other ventures we may pursue in life. For example, resisting the urge to lose your temper after bad shots can serve to build your perseverance and level headedness in stressful situations. Maintaining consistent focus through a round of golf teaches concentration and mental endurance. I justify my passion and expenditure on golf by drawing parallels that golf has with other aspects of our lives. Just one round of golf is riddled with problem solving opportunities (especially with my slice).

In his famous poem, Chief Tecumseh directs readers to "Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life". I believe a lot of us pursue golf in this way. We attempt to perfect our swing, we strive for a deeper level of focus, we train our bodies to perform, and we develop and evolve our gear to be perfect and beautiful. To me, Titleist represents this pursuit of perfection. I cannot afford to be fully equipped with Titleist gear. I am a rational consumer and I know that my performance level cannot justify a need for the very best equipment. However, as my performance progresses, I find myself converting more and more of my equipment to Titleist. To me, the brand represents golf heritage, and superb quality/ design, more so than any of their competitors. From the first time I hit a Pro V1 into the lake, I knew I wanted to be good enough to play them and not lose them! I am also a business professional and appreciate the fact that Titleist has never diluted their brand quality or image. Titleist simply means Titleist. You will find the same quality and design across all of their products. This is why I am proud to support. How about you?

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    I play the Pro V1 golf balls as the technology, science and expertise behind that ball no other company can match. Also the balls are made in the USA and I love support jobs here in the USA.

    No other company has as many golf ball patients at Titleist
  2. TUrreta

    I bit the bullet and went all Titleist. All of the normal reasons- quality, technology, etc. 2 things stand out in my mind- I have never been led astray by Titleist- whether clubs or balls, and I will never have the excuse that my golf is awful due to equipment! Its on me to get better.

    Incidentally, your well thought out post was great. A lot of food for thought. Thanks.
  3. Sam K

    USA made is a huge factor for me as well. I have a hard time buying good's from abroad, especially when a better solution is right here! Thanks for your input!
  4. Gary D

    Quality and consistency are the two big reasons. I bought a new set of cally irons and checked the loft and lie angles. They were all over the place but within their factory specs. The 6 and 7 iron had almost the same loft but factory specs was +/- 2 degrees so they were within the factory specs. I bought a set of Titleist AP1's and they were spot on. I also noticed Titleist factory specs are +/- 1/2 degree. I trust that when I spend my hard earned money on Titleist equipment or supplies I will get my monies worth. Can't say the same for other companies.
  5. Brian F

  6. RJohnson

    I play Titleist due to the consistency in products, simple elegant design, and great performance. I also choose Titleist because of the treatment on here from Team Titleist Reps and Titleist Customer service.

    I have never received anything from another company when I bought their equipment. Here I have received hand written notes, little trinkets, etc. For some people, it may not make a difference, and it would not if the performance was not there, but those little things tell my they care, and appreciate I am a customer. A little friendly customer service goes a long way, and it seems like other companies could take a lesson from Team Titleist.
  7. Speedy

    They've been keepin it real for a long time...

  8. Deno

    One reason....think golf?, think Titleist.

  9. Ed S

    My path to Titleist brand loyalty has been a little different than most. I am 38 yrs old and have been playing golf since I was 8. I have always played Titleist balls including the DT's, HVC's, HP2's way back in the day. I have used the ProV1's ever since they came out.

    From a club standpoint, however, I'm embarrassed to say that I have never hit a Titleist club until this year. I really don't know how or why (perhaps I bought into the "hype" of other clubs in my more impressionable years). At the beginning of this year I decided I was going do a significant overhaul to my bag. In my head I was pretty certain I wanted to stick with the brand I had - one that goes really crazy on the marketing. It wasn't until I had discussions with my head pro and one of the assistant pros about Titleist that I started to look at Titleist differently. They flatly told me they refuse to play anything different. They noted the 2 year product life cycle, quality, and customer support. They each gave me their full bags on numerous occasions to try them out myself.

    I tried the head pro's 716 AP2's with the C-Taper Stiffs. I then tried the Asst Pro's 716 AP2's with the KBS Tour Stiffs. I also tried the brand new demo set of 716 AP2's with the DG AMT Stiffs. From there I started doing a lot of research online - including reading this forum and watching club reviews. I was sold on the AP2's but there were still some other shafts I wanted to try.

    In early May my course was having Titleist and a handful of other manufacturers come out for Demo Day. I had an appointment set up and my head pro asked Titleist to send out a couple other shafts from their shaft library specifically for my fitting. When I arrived at the fitting, they were there waiting for me to try. Needless to say I was blown away that a company would go to all that effort for one person. And when I was about to try another brand for the woods, my fitter Brent politely suggested I try the 917's. I did just that and fell in love. The next day my clubs were ordered and about 10 days later they were in my hands.

    I subsequently shared my fitting experience on this forum. Shortly after that, I even received a surprise package in the mail containing my Team Titleist bag tag. So this is the long answer to the short question "Why do you play Titleist?" PS -It also doesn't hurt that my index has dropped from a 9.8 to a 7.8 since making the switch.
  10. Chuck Z

    I have played most of the top brands out there and find that the quality of Titleist clubs are what I was looking for. I like the playability and the customer support. They do not change every 90days to six months on the clubs which really aggravated me with some of the other brands. I know I can depend on my clubs when I put them in play. My Titleist bag is 100% Titleist and am proud of it. I get lots of compliments when guys look in my bag. Actually, I am 100% Acushnet. My wardrobe is complete with FJ apparel and shoes.
  11. Don O

    The 2 reasons that sent me to Titleist - I'm LH and took up golf for real at age 59. There are virtually no on the rack clubs for a senior golfer, with the possible exception of the occasional mostly hybrid and really wide irons. Even rarer is an available LH set. Now resolved to find a pro shop, and not knowing vendors, I got an appointment for what was a Cobra site (before Acushnet sold them off) and was the Wisconsin Advanced/Premier site for Titleist - which meant nothing to me at the time. What a stroke of luck! The professionals there include Steve Stricker's coach. The fitter spent a long time working through what I needed for essentially a full bag. I ended up with a G15 driver and 5-PW AP1's. At that point in my game, the hybrids I had accumulated purely by accident were comparable to what he could get me to in the 910 versions - he would not recommend I spend the money for the 910's. A retailer never spent more time with me other than the time it took to walk me to the hitting bay and have at it. 6 years later, the fitter from that day is still my coach and fitter. And I'm full Titleist because I can trust the design won't be last year's bad idea a year after I buy it. Unlike all the pretty boys that come out every year.
    It took longer on the ball. I wasn't good enough to use a professional quality ball, in my mind. But after trying some other Surlyn cover ball, and the next year it is no longer made (multiple balls) and finally moving past my signature slice when I started, I moved into the NXT-Tour for the consistency and how it worked for me. TT finally wore me down to move to the X and now the 2017 V. I've never been longer or be in a position to score better.
    Having the best equipment won't get me to compete with Tom Watson, but having the best equipment fitted to me, I do know that the only variable in my success is me.
  12. Todd T

    Because they were a much better fit from my first clubs(TM).. Since that switch, its been quality and best customer service. Having TPI in my backyard doesn't hurt at all either.
  13. JAM

    I have been 100% Titleist for years. By playing Titleist you eliminate the excuse of blaming missed shots on the clubs because you have the best.
  14. Tyler H


    They've been keepin it real for a long time...

  15. Frank P

    Titleist and Foot-Joy quality is unmatched in all products that they put their name on. But let me share another reason. Many years ago, I gave the golf business a try and was an assistant pro at a country club. The Titleist rep made sure that the assistants had a golf bag with our names on it and gave us golf balls and headwear. Any clubs that we wanted were at cost as an assistant pro is not the most lucrative job in the world. Also the FJ rep got us a pair of shoes every year. But the best thing was the Titleist Assistant Pro Educational Program, where Titleist reimbursed you up to $300.00 for any PGA School that you attended. Couple of years later I left the golf business and got, as the members used to say, "A real job", but all these years later, I never forgot all that Titleist and FJ did for me at that time. Now as a retired Ironworker, the only ball, clubs, bag and headwear I'll use is Titleist and the only golf shoe I wear is FJ.
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