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Club Organization and Protection

Sam K

Greeting's Team Titleist! I am seeking some perspective on a topic that is near and dear to all OCD golfers: Club organization and protection. Currently I use a 14 way golf bag with full length dividers. I also use head covers on every club in the bag. Craftsman makes a really nice set of iron covers, that have worked well and look good. One solution I have yet to find is a trunk stand to support the bag in transit (not crazy about laying the bag on its side to shift around and potentially damage the bag and its contents).

I wanted to hear about your methods for ensuring that clubs stay organized and do not get damaged. Any specific products you swear by? It can be frustrating to deal with so many head covers, but I hate to hear my clubs banging together and getting damaged. Please share any philosophy you have on the topic. I know that many view this approach as unnecessary, being that they are just golf clubs. However, I intend to buy a new set of AP3's, so guarding the investment has been on my mind. Looking forward to your wisdom and guidance!

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  1. Todd T

    Just get a larger (Titleist) towel and weave it through the club heads.
  2. Kevin N

    You made me chuckle a bit tonight Samuel as I have several friends who are just like you are about your sticks. Quite a few have sworn by Club Gloves through the years. They seem pretty user friendly and come in a variety of styles.

    I am just the opposite. Every single time I take mine out of the trunk and start walking towards the pro shop I hear that same old clink clink sound of my irons gently interacting with each other. To me it is a soothing sound that I swear reminds me of when I was a kid and we carried our bags for 36 holes a day minimum every day of the summer learning to get better. Play well my friend.
  3. david s

    going to be interesting reading some of these replies, it would do my head in with 14 different headcovers, full length dividers etc.
    Am I glad I don't suffer with OCD!!
  4. RJohnson

    I put my towel thru my bag when I am walking, they still klink each other. I am not using iron headcovers, they hit the ground, dirt, sand, mud, etc. I like marks on my irons, those are battle scars, give them character.

    I clean my clubs after each round, but I use them a lot, so after a round a so, they won't be pristine no matter what you do.
  5. Sam K

    Todd T,
    That is a good thought. I will give that a shot.

    Kevin N,
    I wish I could apply your approach on this! The sound that is pleasurable and brings fond memories for you, gives me a near panic attack. hahaha. I suppose I should try to get over it before buying anything unnecessary.

    David S,
    I don't suffer with OCD, I thrive with it! Perhaps it does not go so well with golf, however. haha

    Thanks gents!
  6. David A


    I feel your OCD pain. I am the same way. Anytime I hear my clubs clanging around in my trunk etc...I cringe! It bothers me in a way only other OCDers can relate to. I used to use iron covers to protect my clubs. However, over the years, I have gotten made fun of and picked on by my friends and even strangers for using iron covers. I fell to the peer pressure and don't use them anymore on my irons. It's something that I just have to live with now. I agree with the line of thinking now that marks, small dents and scratches are battle scares and add character. At least that's what I tell myself.

    However, I will never understand the golfers who leave their expensive woods unprotected. I see many of them and they drive me nuts. But to each his own.
  7. Sam K

    David A,
    Glad someone can relate! Perhaps I will consider taking the iron covers off; they are inconvenient. However, like you, I will never leave the woods uncovered. Crazy heathens! haha
  8. Scott Golightly

    Probably the odd man out here but at least when I'm walking a round (not using a cart) I like to hear a LITTLE bit of clicking. I play CB's and forged clubs DO have the tendency to get a little dinged up after a while of clanking together, but purely psychologically, there is something comforting and calming about the rhythmic clicking of forged clubs coming together. That being said, I'm extremely picky about how much that is. I try and have small clusters of clubs in each divider so that I don't get a whole lot of heads rattling together. All woods, hybrids and driver have headcovers on them, as well as putter (Circa 62 no. 2), with the putter hanging down between the two upper clusters so that they are still somewhat padded relative to eachother. Not sure if that makes any sense, but I agree with you insofar as that too much clicking drives me up a wall and I start getting protective about worrying that my clubs are getting beat up; dead silence and I'll also get annoyed.
  9. Chris Hatem

    And I thought I was OCD, cleaning every groove after every shot. Cheers!
  10. Deno

    Gotta agree with Kevin & Scott. I like the clickin' and clangin'. The sounds of golf are part of the pleasure of the game.

  11. Sam K

    Chris Hatem

    And I thought I was OCD, cleaning every groove after every shot. Cheers!

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness! haha

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