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Titleist tour velvet red grips

Mark H

I've been trying to find Titleist red tour velvet replacement grips w/o success. Any suggestions?

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  1. Tyler H

    Pretty sure those were only offered on Demo Clubs and not for sale.
  2. Don O

    They apparently only exist on demo clubs and are not available in the market.
  3. Rex S

    The red tour velvet grips unfortunately are only on the demo clubs and are not available to regular golfers. I was told that they are the same grips as regular tour velvet grips. They are much better than regular grips. I have a set of 714 ap2 irons that I refuse to regrip because I can't get the red replacements. They are more durable and have more tackiness. I play a lot with these clubs and hit a lot of range balls and I really believe these grips are tour quality. Unfortunately we can't get them.
  4. Eric C

    The 718's are coming with white painted tour velvets, fyi.

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