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Pro FJ/ Titleist shirts

Chris C

Does anyone know where to purchase or receive golf shirts with the FJ logo on the collar and titleist on the arm? I can't find them anywhere. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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  1. richard f

    Have you tried eBay ?
  2. Don O

    I've never seen them in the open market. I have a couple, but came from Team Titleist sponsored events. Like a lot of the hats on tour, not everything is sold to the general public.
  3. Chris P

    FJ on the collar is easy, you can go to your local course and have the pro order them. The Titleist sleeve patch is another story. Those are reserved for the Tour players and PGA Professionals. Ebay seems to be the only option.
    Good Luck
  4. Chuck Z

    Piggybacking on Chris' comments. carries FJ products and you have the option to get the FJ logo. First option should always be thru your local pro but some do not belong to clubs. When ordering thru you Pro you can have the FJ on the collar or the sleeve or both. I like the on the sleeve on my long sleeve products.
  5. JReeter

    Website (elite 100 group ) sells tour clothing guys name Dan bell, crestview Florida
  6. Jeffery M

    Elite 100 is good. They have about 100 logos and you can even use your own shirts.

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