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Jeffery M

Would be interesting if Team Titleist could come out with their own club like the Cameron Club. Members would pay a fee for limited edition gear that sometimes is only available through certain events that some of us can't attend. I know getting TT gear in the mail when you least expect it is like Christmas came early. Would any members be interested. Any ideas or suggestions?

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  1. MMaingre

    Hi Jeffery,
    I will be definitely interested by this kind of approach.
    If it was the case, I will definitely be part of it.
    For France, I think we feel a bit forgotten....we can t order for example 3 x 12 Pro V1 with special TT logo on it...only USA.
    Lot of event in the UK for Europe, but France it s a bit poorly over here.
    So If I could buy a membership to have access to more "special Products" limited edition, I am ready for it.
  2. Robert J

    I am in for that!
  3. Tyler H

    Most likely not in the cards.
  4. craig t

    Count me in!!
  5. Chuck Z

    The annual events are special and the limited editions items that we receive there make these events even more spectacular. I personally see no need for additional TT products. The bag tags are fine which make them special. Titleist has it's products catalog, Scotty Cameron has his limited edition products for an annual fee and Vokey has his products. I think the products are well represented. With due respect to all opinions. I say leave it as it is.
  6. Jason C

    I would definitely be in!
  7. Stephen w

    If it happens i would be up for that.
  8. Todd T

    I like the way its currently going.. Besides, if its worth having the hunt is even more exciting!
  9. Tim Tiger

    They do not do any direct to consumer merchandise yet. So would most likely be a logistical nightmare.
    While I would love to be able to pick up TT logo items, it is so much more special to get them in contests and randomly.

  10. Brian F

    I would be all over this... I've been Anti-Titleist for so long and my buddy convinced me to try Vokey's about 6 years ago, NEVER Changing. Then that same friend sold me a Cameron Square Back that didn't suite him, just put a Cameron and Crown in my bag. Now I just put AP3's in my bag and I LOVE these irons... I am just about all in with Titleist now and I can't deny, I get it Now !!!
  11. Dave N

    That would be cool.
  12. augusto r

    Good luck ,will see if it happens.
  13. Speedy

    IMO, i like it the way it is. Never know if you'll ever get that special package in the mail with some goodies from TT. Just participate, engaged with other TT members and have fun.

    And if they hold another TT Invitational, sign up and go. The best few days you'll have with some great people. And you'll get your hands on some TT gear as a gift for attending...
  14. Jeffery M

    Thanks everyone for your input. I know Team Titleist and the members itself are second to none. Just a thought I would throw out there. Just hard for some of us to make the special events due to work conflicts. I switched this summer to all Titleist and my game has never been better. Thanks to all at Titleist for being #1
  15. John Strachan

    Love the look of TT gear just cant get it anywhere
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