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Jacob S

Hey Team Titleist I’m about to turn 16, and I was really interested in a Titleist lanyard, I love y’alls comapany, and I just wanted to show it off to all of my other friends! Was hopeful I could have one pretty soon. Thanks again so much for all you guys do!!

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  1. richard f

    Good luck , hope you get what you want
  2. BK

    LOL add me to that list
    I need one to show off at work
  3. Mike r

    Keep contributing the the discussion boards and you never know what might show up in the mail :)
  4. Chuck Z

    With respect. One recommendation might be to 100% complete your profile and show off your dedication to Titleist products. Also active participation helps. Welcome aboard.
  5. Todd T

    Continue to participate here and you may get one!
  6. Jack H

    Hope you get one. I agree that it would be sweet to have one! Happy 16th!

  7. Edward K

    Titleist has been very good to me, for 20 years......
  8. Hitn18

    I would love a lanyard. You are all correct you never know what suprise you may get in the mail from Titleist!!!
  9. Kathy J

    My new 2017 Stadry golf bag would like a Team Titleist lanyard.

    Thank you!

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