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White Bag Please

Marc S Club Champion

Hey Team, I was wanting to start politicking for a white stand bag for the new collection. Anyone besides my boy Brent and I like to see one? I for one know of two that will be sold with no problem. Pile on please let me know what you guys think. Cheers.

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  1. Andrew A

    I too would be all over a white bag. Lets make this happen!
  2. Gabriel G

    My first reaction is "No way." Then I think about it and now say.. "nope." I see them in leather but don't think you want leather. So the vote is 2-1.
  3. Keith M

    I'm with Gabriel on this one, sorry. White = stained after first use.
  4. Daniel M

    I have a Titleist light weight cart bag that is white, black and red. The majority of the bag is white and I love it. The material, nylon? has to be coated because the bag does not stain like you'd think. I've cleaned it twice with Oxy Clean in the 3-4 years I've owned it. I play at least 4 times a week and practice in between. I'd love to see more bags with white being the prominent color.
  5. Speedy

    hmmmm interesting... Not a fan of white BUT I do like the idea.. I will I LOVE the 818H head covers so yeah, if it's something along that line, I may be game for that.. Also, it would be a great Trash Panda bag :)

    Hopefully Titleist does it for TTEP! ;)
  6. Tim Tiger

    No white bags for me. They get dirty too easy.
    But bring some out for the fellas.

  7. Chuck Z

    No a fan of white bags. Did not have one years ago when I played png clubs. I love the Titleist bags the way they are. They have a clean look with their tour bags.
  8. Todd T

    Not in my color base, but would be glad to see it for others!
  9. Chris M

    white bags will look scruffy after short time...
  10. Jason F

    so true, but white looks so good tho
  11. richard f

    You always end up with stains on a white bag from weathering and general daily use
  12. Hunter B

    I would love to see white bag come out and I would definitely invest in one!
  13. Gaaary

    Not for UK I wouldn't, the weather isn't great and white bags tend to stain and go off white(cream).

  14. vurich

    I remember meeting Marc and Brent for one of the earliest, and in my opinion, best Team Titleist invitational which was held at the Grand Del Mar, in San Diego. Two of the best guys and Titleist ambassadors you'll ever meet. They were both decked out in all white, from head to toe. So, my vote is, give the boys what they want. On a similar note, every bag and head cover I've had, the colors fade out in the hot AZ sun. Wish all the bags could be coated with some sort or sun screen and made in light weight, scratch, dirt and dust resistant material. #TeamTitleist!
  15. Bobby S

    I would love a white bag !!!!
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