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Players 14 Stand Bag Zipper

David M

Has anyone else had an issue with the zipper on the larger ball pouch? Mine has formed some gaps and will not zip all the way around.

I guess I can send it in via my pro shop--but wanted to see if anyone had a fix.

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  1. DClark

    The zip on the ball pocket has lost some of the teeth on the top where the zip bends round.
  2. Darren B

    I had problems with the zipper on the waterproof pocket. The seam ripped apart. The zippers on the bag are not very sturdy in my opinion. I sent mine in under warranty and they sent me a replacement bag.
  3. Jon G

    Just had it happen on my 5 way bag, same pouch! Zipper teeth breaking! Compared to my older stand bag of 7 plus years. Zipper quality is not the same, going cheap on an expensive bag is not quality! Expect more from Titleist.
  4. Jon G

    Same thing just happened on my 5 way bag.
  5. David M

    Mine is on the way back under warranty.

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