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Staff bag

Muneer F

My brother recently purchased a Titleist mid staff bag from bangkok.

The design of the bag is very different from the current model on titleist website or any previous model.

I have attached the picture also.

can anyone confirm if the bag is original Titleist product.

Post Image

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  1. Chuck Z

    That is why I purchase all my products thru a Titleist authorized dealer, so there is no question. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like at duck, it normally is a duck. With respect. Chuck................
  2. Eric C

    Try Japan/Asia has different accessories than US.
  3. Eric C

    or try
  4. Don O

    If the dealer is not an authorized Titleist dealer in Bangkok, the chances are it is not. Price is another key indicator. A mid-size staff is about $300 US and a staff bag is about $500 US. If the posted price is less than that or for any offline quote costs lower than 15% below that - it is counterfeit. If the price is too good to be true, well, it isn't a true product.
  5. 19hole

    You will find that the styles of Titleist products vary greatly between the different markets around the world. Yes, there are quite a few counterfeit products out there but just because it is different from the product shown in the US market does not mean that it is not genuine.
  6. Steve N

    A knock-off product from Bangkok?! Say it ain't so!!!!
  7. Chuck Z

    Does resemble one of the bags on the official Japanese Titleist site, but the top panel is not white. Could be questionable.
    Post Image
  8. Wade W

    The Titleist Japan line always has a slightly different look, but I'm not sure if your bag is legit.


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