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718 T-MB

Dale V

So excited to see my new irons show up today. Will be our early Saturday morning to get them dirty.

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6 Replies

  1. Jack H

    Congratulations! Those look amazing! Put them to good use!
  2. Andy K

    Congrats, best of luck with them.
  3. Jonathan L

    Such nice golf clubs!!! I have the 716 T-MBs and am finding it hard to resist getting a set of 718s!!

    Enjoy them
  4. Greg L

    Nice!!! What did you have before?
  5. Barry S

    Hit em straight!
  6. Dale V

    Greg L

    Nice!!! What did you have before?

    I had old original AP1's. Went to my Titleist fitting and was planning to go with new 718 AP1's but these T-MB's felt so good and the results on good swings had nice TrackMan numbers. I can't get away with sloppy swings but the good ones are spot-on and i can work the ball a bit more with these.

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