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Titleist knitted headcovers

John Strachan

Hi fellow Team Titleist Members I am after some advice please, I am looking to buy the pictured knitted headcovers but I am not sure if they are real or fake, My main question is it has 1 line for drive, and 3 lines for 3 wood, should the other cover have 5 lines ?? Should they have lines on at all? And what colours do they come in as like the white but don’t want fakes

Thanks in advance for your help A confused Team Titleist Member

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8 Replies

  1. JKissoon

    Those are pretty cool. I hate the new boxing glove covers they are providing now. I much prefer the sock covers.
  2. David A

    Can't help you on real vs fake. However, I have had these knit ones and they drove me crazy. After a while they would stretch out and constantly fall off. I would suggest getting the leather ones. They are much more durable, clean easier and you can actually use them in the rain.
  3. Rob_Roth1

    I have just seen them on ebay good luck!
  4. 19hole

    They can also be found on
  5. Tom B

    Had these a couple years ago. They ARE really sharp and nice. I think they got a little abused by the bag room boys getting thrown around with other clubs and bags etc. and they ended up with some holes in them. I got lucky and won some of the black leather ones and they've been great. REALLY nice and durable, but they also come in Driver, Fairway and Hybrid. The fairways are the same, so I ended up putting a small dot with a gold sharpie in the center of one of the fairways to tell them apart of which was which.
  6. BR

    I agree with David A the leather ones are super
  7. Kevin N

    I have noticed that any knit cover tends to snag the weights in my 917 Driver when slipping it on. I would also recommend the leather ones just due to that reason.
  8. John Strachan

    thanks for all the feedback guy's, much appriciated

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