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Carry & Premium Carry Bags

J.R. F

Does anyone here use either the Carry or Premium Carry bags? I am looking at this as an option this year. I have always liked carrying my clubs but the weight of the bag in recent years has bothered my knees. If I had one of these bags it may prevent me from loading it down with all the unnecessary things I have a tendency to throw in "just in case". Could be something I throw in the trunk for weekday evening rounds. How many clubs can you comfortably carry in the bag?

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  1. Dale V

    I have the old single-strap carry that i use for trips to the driving range or our local Par-3 course. Normal play i walk with the Players 4 bag. I just carry 13 clubs, six golf balls, a towel, a zip bag with a few tees, ball markers, divot tool, and that works for me. Plenty light enough. I'm sure if you get the new duel strap premium carry you can fit a full set of clubs, no problem.
  2. Rooster

    I have the premium bag. My bag is a couple seasons old and has a single strap. The difference between bags is premium has molded legs at top of bag. This is good because if you lay bag down of wet grass it offers protection from that. Also from club heads resting on ground. I usually carry 8 clubs, all mid size gripped..
  3. J.R. F

    Thanks guys. Sounds like the premium bag is the one.
  4. JAM

    I have always carried a full set of Titleist equipment in the single strap Titleist carry bag. It weighs 1.9lbs. I also carry two Pro V1's, a Titleist ball marker, a few tees, lip balm (50 spf), my car key and wind breaker. I check the weather and do not play when rain is forecast. I highly recommend giving it a try. It's the way golf was meant to be played IMHO.
  5. J.R. F

    I called my pro and ordered it today. Thanks.
  6. RKelly

    I used to have a push cart but carry now. It was tough on my back for a few rounds but once I got used to it I'd never go back.
    Less walking actually and better exercise.
  7. J.R. F

    I've always carried and would prefer to carry now. I agree that it easier than using a cart but switched last year when I started having some knee aches.

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