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I want to get everyone’s choice of Titleist/FJ glove? I currently use the weather soft based on its cost and durability. I have used 3-4 different gloves including the Titleist players which didn’t last more than 4-5 rounds. Is there a soft glove with superior durability?

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  1. Doug E

    Footjoy Pure Touch is the best feeling glove I have ever worn. But at over 30 bucks a glove, I only buy one box of 3 gloves each season. The rest of the time, when I wear a glove, which is only about 1/2 the time I play, I wear a Titleist Players Glove, which to me, was always the best feeling glove until the Pure Touch came out a couple years ago. It's still right up there though. Even though I am righty, I sometimes have to wear a glove on my right hand too, when my hands get all dry and cracked. In those cases, a FJ WeatherSof usually fits the bill on that hand. But only a Pure Touch or Tilteist Players for the left hand.
  2. JKissoon

    where are you getting the most wear on the glove? Maybe try loosening your grip? I get about 25 - 30 rounds with my glove. I use the Footjoy StaDry most of the time.
  3. Sam K

    I use a black StaSof. I have had them last for 15 rounds plus practice time. If you keep them clean and dry, they seem to really hold up. I am also getting good results from the Spectrum.
  4. Dale V

    I normally don't wear a glove. The only time i do is if it's cold and/or rainy. I have some FJ rain gloves i break out for those occasions.
  5. Don O

    I do well with the Players' Glove. I used to wear the heal out until I improved my grip. Now they ugly out between dirt and getting soaked by sweat on (the few) hot days (in WI). I also use wet and cool weather gloves almost as often.
  6. Luke R

    FJ StaSof, Pearl/White

    I have been playing the Footjoy Pure Touch Ltd. and love it. Soft glove which seems to last a few months or more depending on the conditions.
  8. 19hole

    My primary glove is the FJ Pure Touch, but I do use the Titleist Players also.

    4-5 rounds is what FJ thinks a glove should last. It actually works out to quite a bit of golf is you look more closely at it.

    The pre-round warm-up is almost the same number of swings as a full 18 hole round.

    For every practice swing you make on the course, that adds another full round to the count.

    If we look at the average player who takes 2 practice swings for every shot and warms up before the round, then every scored round is the equal to 4 rounds of glove wear.
  9. Gary D

    Don't wear a glove, don't think they're necessary. People just get used to wearing them because the pro's wear them. (The pro's get them for free) Just use a dry towel on wet or humid days to wipe down the grips and my hands. Once you get used to not wearing a glove, you won't ever go back.
  10. Andrew A

    I prefer the Perma Soft over all the other glover offerings out there now.
  11. Scott D

    Titleist Perma Soft. most comfortable glove that I have tried.
  12. JAM

    Foot Joy "Winter Sof" in early spring and late fall. All other times it's the Titleist "Players". The best gloves in golf.
  13. N Anthony S

    Players Glove for me.
  14. Tim Tiger

    I use the PTL for tournament play and Contour FLX for practice on range or course. PTL is the finest glove I've found, but they do not last long. I don't use them on the range and do not take practice swings normally.
    A glove that thin with great feel comes at a cost.

  15. Robert L

    FJ WeatherSof... They hold up well, and can't beat the price. I'll spend the money on hard goods.
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