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Torque Wrench


Has anyone else had the torque wrench do this? Was going to swap out the weight on my 917 fwy and the wrench broke on me. I can still put the bolt back in and use it but it doesn't apply as much torque as previously before the click sound. Is this still enough to keep the screws in place or should I try to find a new one of these?

Thanks, Adam

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4 Replies

  1. Barry B

    Get a new one. You should be able to order one from any authorized Titleist dealer.
  2. Rob_Roth1

    No but I did strip my 915 head and couldn't replace it. I had to send to Titleist to get fixed. Also other brands wrench fit (all expect cobra) so you can use those as well.
  3. Chuck Z

    Fortunately, have never had that happen.
  4. kevmi2az

    I have 4 if you need one...

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