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Titleist is family

Joshua B

Just a follow up. A few weeks ago I interviewed by Rick on the player spotlight. It was a great experience, and good some really cool feedback from fellow TTers. The focus was family for me, golf has always been a family activity. My father, who has never played Titleist clubs, saw the spotlight on YouTube and was touched. He was in the market for new clubs and has always played png. He went to our local golf store Chris Cote and got fit for a brand new set of AP3s! He called all excited, it was very touching to see your father who you respect listen to you instead the other way around. He just picked them up, and in his words "I had to buy a Titleist bag too, because they would look stupid in a png bag" here are some pics he sent.

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  1. Chuck Z

    Team Titleist is a family affair. Congrats to both of you.

    I love it. That's the way to think, lol. Go team titleist.

    Better tell him to get fit for some hybrids and woods as well. ;)

  3. Jack H

    Really cool follow up! Nice to hear your father gaming some sweet clubs in a sweet bag! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dwayne N

    Great story
  5. John M

    Well done!
  6. John B

    My self and all three of my boys who are 28, 26, and 21 only have Titleist clubs in our bags - actually I'm the odd man out with the lone Odyssey 2 ball putter. We all play Pro Vs and wear Titleist gloves. I'm a HS golf coach and two of my boys played college golf. Yes Titleist is clearly family for us!

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