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Pro v1x swing speeds?

William W

Im 14 years old and have been playing the penta.  Since they are no longrer making the pentas, only the tp5, i was thinking about widening my options.  i am able to hit a consistent 240 yd drive, 250 good yd for the good ones.  My handicap is six so i am perfectly capable of playing well.  My question is can i make the most out of the pro v1x's?

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  1. Tom S.

    Damn William very impressive!! I thonk the pro v1x would serve you very well.

  2. William W

    Thank you, that's what I was hoping for.
  3. Don O

    With your handicap you definitely don't need to worry about NXT Tour vs. ProV1.  Neither V1 or V1x will be exactly like your current ball, so you should try both.  One will fit your game better.

    BTW, there are still major retailers cleaning out inventory on your current ball on mail order.  The day is coming to pick a replacement.  Enjoy.

  4. William W

    My problem in the past 2 weeks is the ball spinning back with my irons, my one worry with the pro v1 is that it is soft like the penta. I am sure that there is little to no comparison. Thanks for the suggestion, I will go to golf galaxy to buy a sleeve of both.
  5. Ahmad R

    Impresive I'm a 12 year old that has a 100-106 which is hard to believe. I think the prov1 is the best for u
  6. Chris92009

    I agree...the PROV1X sounds like the best option

  7. KB24

    wow very impressive, i would say try them both and hit them from the same spot, same club, with similar lies and you should be able to tell within a dozen shots how they perform.

  8. Brian C

    Wow William that is impressive being a 6 at 14.  Keep it up.  For the balls you definitely won't be disappointed with the ProV1 or X.  The ProV1 is similar to the TP5 but slightly less spin I found on the green IMO.  And even less with the V1X.  Don't get me wrong you still can back up the V1X with ease, just seems the TP5 was over more than my personal preference.   

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