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Pro v1x for 95 mph swing?

William W

Im 14 and have a swing speed of 95 mph. My handicap is 6, and I am able to stop my 8 iron and up on a dime with my pentas(golf balls). I was hoping to get some input about how well the pro v1x would be for me.

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  1. Don O

    Look at the ball fitting on this web site.  Try a sleeve and start putting, and work your way back to driver.  If there is anywhere you can get a monitor to check your spin and launch with an iron to try both the ProV1 and ProV1x would also be a good start. 

    At 14, do you have a budget?  I've seen your ball priced at 2 for the price of 1.  Which means it isn't just like a ProV1 but for routine use it might be more "playable".  If you are competing on school teams, then someone should be able to help you find the ball that fits your game best.

  2. William W

    My dad supports me enough to where I don't have a golf ball budget. You are right about the 2 for 1 but they are discontinuing them and replacing them with the exact ball but for a higher price. Since the price increased wanted to expand my options. I actually tried a sleeve yesterday and they were astounding. I was able to carry the ball just as far but with a little more roll.

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