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Selecting a new ball.


I have played the Bridgestone e5 for a while and it's a good ball but not great. I also tried the Pro V1 and it had a little too much side spin for me. I am a high ball hitter and have a driver swing speed of 112-115. What would be a better fit? I was thinking at the following options: Pro V1x NXT Tour NXT Tour S

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  1. Ian H

    I would suggest that you play either the prov1x or the nxt tour. They both are balls that have a more penetrating flight and great distance. The biggest difference is obviously spin (and price!). So it depends on what your preference is at the end of the day. Pick up a sleeve of each and give them a field test. Hope I could help.
  2. Tim S


    i am also a hih ball hitter but my driver speed is 2-3 MPH less than yours. I play the NXT tour and its awesome......give it a try

  3. Tim S



    I hit it just like you do and the Velocity is the oerfect ball for me. It peaks late in the ball flight and is vary stable in the air. It has the Prov1 dimple pattern which promotes a consistent flight but feels more like the NXT....its really nice. Plus the price is right at $25 a dozen.  Its a nice ball to play, very explosive

  4. Clinton M

    try the pro v1x.

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