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How spin affects ball flight

Matt G

Hey TT,

The last couple of months I have been playing the pro v1x because it says higher launch and I am good enough around the greens I don't really need the extra spin of the prov1. But I was thinking if the prov1 spins more than the X wouldn't it end up going higher? If you all could just give me an explanation and overall answer as to which one will in the end go higher than the other.

Thanks, Matt

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  1. Matt G

    Why isn't anyone replying to this? I thought it was a good question.
  2. Nate S

    The reason the prov1x flies higher (in my opinion it doesn't) is because of its large, high velocity dual core with a soft center. I would base your ball selection on spin around the greens.
  3. brannonwatson

    Matt G,

    From 2009 to 2011 Titleist changed the characteristics of the Pro V1x so that it would launch higher to offset the lower spin. Especially for the long game clubs. Golf Digest testing only showed a .5 degree increase in launch so it's not much. I believe they slightly changed the dimple pattern to achieve this new higher launch. Really it comes down to minute differences, but hey they've got to improve on the ball every 2 years. That's a tall order since the ball has been amazing since conception. Also, I believe it could have something to do with the ball staying on the face a fraction a second longer because of the compression. Believe it or not, harder compression golf balls actually spin MORE than lower compression golf balls (to a degree). The firmness in "feel" and actual density of a golf ball are not always the same thing. Rock hard range balls and hard distance balls actually spin significantly more than a softer ball, even more than like the Pro V1. I know this sounds like craziness but I'm a golf professional and golf store owner and I have all this data explained from me from every company at least once a year and have seen the studies that prove this to be true. So while I don't know this for sure, the compression of the Pro V1x may be slightly lower than that of the Pro V1. The last part is just a guess on the compression but the first part about dimple pattern was explained to me from my Titleist rep.

    Hope this helps! 

  4. PaulyO

    Matt, the dual core launches 1/2 degree higher than the ProV1.  It does spin a little less off tee shots but higher launch and a different dimple pattern peaks higher and slightly further down range for most players. 

  5. KB24

    one thing to note, that a higher spinning ball allows you to use a stiffer shaft, range balls typically spin 300-500 RPM more than normal balls, thus with a SS of 103 miles an hour, the ProV might spin at 2800, but with a range ball it will spin 3000 - 3200 RPM.

    so not only does spin affect your ball flight, it can have a pronounced effect on your shot distance because you might be using the wrong shaft and ball combination.  likewise if you can you find the right combination you can greatly improve your game simply by getting properly fitted without changing your swing.

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