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How many times do you need to play the prototype ball to make a the proper choice?

jordan l

I just got the prototype balls in the yesterday and was wondering do I need to play 2 prototype balls or just 1?

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  1. Christian J

    For best results I would test all of them just for consistency reasons.  I also just received a box yesterday, and cannot wait to hit the links with them.  Going to be a good weekend!

  2. Cody D

    I got the TEST balls earlier this week and looking to get out on Friday. Kind of an open ended question Jordan. Tough to answer

  3. Jeff S

    I just received my test balls on Oct. 30th also.  I am going to play at a nice public course this Saturday later in the day when not many people are on the course.  I am going to try and hit 2 shots off of every tee.  Pro V1X and the test ball.  Then I am going to hit several shots with each from the fairways.  Tough to do on a packed course but I am lucky to have a course close to me that is basically vacant in the late afternoon.  If I can I will try to hit 1 from 150, 100, 60 on each hole.  Will probably only get 9+ holes doing it this way, but it will be fun to compare vs. the Pro V1X I have been using. 

  4. LaMar B

    How do you get test balls?

  5. Jeff S

    You get lucky enough to be chosen, as one of the TT members.  The last few times I was not chosen.  This time I was very lucky and they sent them.  They do not warn you or ask, they are just sent in the mail with a form that explains the process they want you to go through and the website to enter your evaluations.

  6. Christian J

    They're just sent out to random people that are apart of Team Titleist.

  7. Keith L

    I am unable to get on the survey site to report test results. Anyone else having the same problem/

  8. jordan l

    I would test them sometime late this week but I have school and they weather is very cold

  9. Raymond W

    The only real challenge of getting them now is the weather.  I don't feel like the current conditions are real conducive to testing.   here in the NE greens are super soft and fairways wet with close to dormant grass.  I would want to know what they play like in June.  Oh well nice to get them to test:)   

  10. Christian J

    Same here in Iowa Raymond!  It's sad, but our course has nearly fallen apart.  The ground crew hasn't been around for nearly two month now.  Leaves are everywhere!  Oh well, and at least I have somewhere to test out these new test balls.

  11. Devin F

    I just got some on tuesday and I got the prov1x. Did you get the both modles? (prov1 and prov1x) Cant wait to hit them and hopefully will give some good feedback for Titliest.

    -Devin Foster


  12. Larry M

    I recieved my test balls and up in Maine we are out of good weather so i tested 1 versus a prov1x and a  zstarsl and was impressed, i filled out the survey and will test again in the spring to compare. Thank you titleist for the opportunity, this is what makes you the top company in golf.

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