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What titleist golf ball should I be using

titleist fan 1

Hey, I'm 15 and play off +0.6 I have been using the pro v1x however now that the 2013 balls have come out I'm wondering what is right I live in the uk and play everyday I have a driver swing speed of 108 and hit the ball 274 with my driver I have been fully fit for all my clubs I sweep the ball with my irons and wedges with very little divot I spin the ball back about 8 feet with my sm4 54* (I rarely hit a full 60*) short game is my strength along with ball striking I need to improve my tee shots (need a go to shot my stock shot is a cut) based upon you guys who have already hit the new balls what should I be using for 2013.

Thank you for any help


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  1. Andrew W

    I would stick with the Pro V1x. The Pro V will increase your "cut" and make it more difficult for you to keep it in the short grass off the tee. I am very similar to you in my short game. However, depending on green speed, I will sometimes play the Pro V to give me more spin around the greens.

    Ultimately your call...but you are young! Sounds like you have a bright future.

  2. Connor I.

    Hi Kris, since you have a pretty fast swing speed and it sounds like you generate some back spin I would go with the ProV1x because they have a little less spin off the driver than the ProV1 and you will still have control around the greens. Hope this helps with your decision.

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