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New Pro V1/Pro V1x greenside spin

Todd L

The bar graph near the bottom of the Golf Ball Education page indicates that the new Pro V1x has a little more greenside spin than the new Pro V1. Wasn't that the other way around in the previous version? I've played both and like both with a slight preference to the Pro V1x. I guess it comes down to softer feel versus higher trajectory.

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  1. Connor I.

    Yes, the PROV1x has a higher trajectory with less spin off the tee. And the PROV1 has a softer feel.

  2. Todd L

    I like soft feel, but I think the Pro V1x is pretty good in that's not like hitting a ball bearing. I've always considered the Pro V1x to be a little bit more forgiving than the Pro V1 but I'd try the Pro V1 every so often because it had more greenside spin. Since that no longer appears to be the case I guess I no longer have a reason to try the Pro V1. Wow, that was easy.    

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