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PV1 or PV1x?


I've been a PV1x user for years, I'm a 2 handicap, former college player and play a couple times a month.  I haven't tried the '13 models.  I'm rethinking my ball choice for the first time in probably 15 years.   With the x I feel like ball flight, distance and control are great, and I have no problem spinning the ball with full shots.   My issue is after changing to the new CC groves on my wedges is I don't feel like I'm getting enough spin around the greens chipping, pitching and bunker shots.  

Basically I'd like more green side spin, without having to worry about spinning the ball too much with my short irons, or sacrificing distance and the ball flight characteristics of the PV1x.   In the past I've felt the PV1 has spun too much with my short irons. I don't want to rip full wedges back 20 feet etc. on soft greens.

With the new 2013 models the fitting charts are confusing saying the x spins more around the greens than the pv1...  Is that correct?    Would the conventional logic still be correct in that the PV1 spins more on chip shots?   But how much other performance - distance, traj, wind play do you sacrifice with the PV1 in the search for a little more green side control?


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  1. Daniel R

    The X has less spin overall especially around the driver. I used to hit provs however I got way too much driver spin. You need to play them side by side and see which one is better for your game. If you can control our driver very well then you should be able to deal with the extra spin.

    It all comes down to what helps you get lower scores.  Play them side by side

  2. Connor I.

    Yes I was wondering the same thing about the PROV1x having more greenside spin than the PROV1 but I guess that has changed since last year. I have noticed that the PROV1x has a much higher flight than the regular PROV1 which I prefer. But the PROV1 is really soft feeling compared to the PROV1x. I am currently playing the new PROV1x and I love the feel of it. Also, take a look at the NXT Tour S ball, it is similar to the PROV1x and is a pretty soft ball.

  3. MAX M

    I think what we need is this:

    Does the 2013 PV1x spin more or less around the greens that then previous version?  Yes/No

    Does the 2013 PV1x spin more or less around the greens than the PV1? Yes/No



  4. Connor I.

    Here is the 2011 golf ball chart above, yes the PROV1 did have more greenside spin in the 2011 series.




    section 9 image

    Here is the new 2013 golf ball chart for greenside spin, and yes the PROV1x has more greenside spin. And by the way it looks, the new PROV1x has more greenside spin the the 2011 PROV1x.






  5. Ron M.

    Max, play 9 hole's with each and log the result's of each shot....It may take a couple of rounds' to decide on witch ball is better for you...Good luck

  6. MAX M

    Thanks Connor very helpful.

  7. Carson P

    I have played both.  The ProV1 spins more around the green with chips and pitches.

  8. Padraic S

    i have been struggling with my golf ball as well i think i am switching to the X just because i create so much spin i would say to switch between courses hard fast greens use the v1 and with softer greens use the v1x check your THINGS TO CHECK WHEN TRYING NEW GOLF BALL ball speed driver spin rate driver and wedges, launch angle wedges and driver and your control a round the greens GGGGGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD          LLLLLUUUUCCCCKKKK

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