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Which iron shafts to order?


I am ordering the 714 mbs soon. Which shaft should I order with them if I have a 6 iron swing speed of  88-90 mph? Any suggestions would help. Thanks.

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  1. Jake B

    Hi Mark,

    personally if i were you, id go for a project X shaft, 5.5 would probably be the best for your swing speed , but i guess its what you feel most confident with :) 

  2. keith d

    Speed isn't the only thing to consider when picking a shaft.  Tempo and ball flight also need to be considered.  The best thing to do is to get fit by a certified fitter.  If you are going to spend a thousand dollars you might as well have the right shaft in your irons.

  3. Lex K

    get fitted. I have a 6 iron swing speed of 91-94. I was fitted for Nippon NS pro 950gh shafts regular flex. Awesome feel, nice and light, and great ball flight and spin. The pro that fitted me has the same ones and they are awesome!

  4. Matt B

    My 6 iron speed is 87mph. However I selected the iron shaft based on the launch & spin rates. The demo 6 iron had DG S300 shaft, launch was 17* however my spin was 5900 the fitter told me that was a little low spin for 6 iron, so I chose KBS since it spins a little more than the S300. You really need to get fitted to find the best shaft for your swing & the numbers it produces, don't allow us influence your decision based on the shaft that fits our swing!

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