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When to get fitted -- changing swing at moment

Jerry R


    I've been reading with interest many of the great discussions in this forum on club fitting.   I'll 69 years old in January and am in the process (again) of making swing changes by taking lessons at Golftec.   My swing has already changed a lot since I started the lessons in early November (winter here in Ohio, so now is a good time to make the changes).   I'm reading and looking at options to change out my irons that I've played for a number of years to either 714 AP1's or AP2's (leaning toward AP2's due to the thinner top line), but want to know WHEN I should get fitted for new clubs given that I'm in the midst of a swing change?   Since my lessons are at a Golfsmith location, I've been picking up a demo AP2 6-iron with S300 shaft to practice with, and really like it.   Much lighter feel than my current miz's, and appear to be a LOT more forgiving on off-center hits.

   I currently have a 9.5 index, coming off my worst year of ball-striking in a long time.  So, swing changes will tighten up the swing to make it better and more consistent, which is really needed.   Still the worst part of my game will be what it has always been which is my chipping (which I'm also working on nearly every day to make changes as well this winter).   I currently play a set of miz MP32 irons with Rifle Flighted 5.5 FCM shafts in regular length and lie.   I currently hit my 6-iron about 160 yards (carry) with a decent ball flight.

    So, when should I get fitted for new clubs and shafts?   After my instructor says my swing has settled down?   After the start of the new golf season when I have had a chance to play outside?   Some insight from someone in the know would be helpful.

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  1. Dan W

    Hello Jerry,


    Taking advice from your instructor as well as the good people on this forum is a sensible step but I would recommend trusting your own judgment.

    I used to live in Mich and got fitted for new clubs early in the year (Mar) so I could play with them all season. My timing, balance, and rhythm were lousy after not hitting a golf ball all winter and when my swing started to come around (late Apr) the new clubs didn't perform (I had to switch to stiffer shafts. I also found a range with heated stalls so this wouldn't happen to me again!).

    Wait until YOU feel that your swing is dialed in and you're hitting it on the screws. Then go see a certified fitter and get your new sticks.

    Have a great 2014.

  2. Jerry R


       Thanks for your advice.    I went and talked to an expert club fitter at a facility nearby me (Class A fitter recommended by a guy who heads up the golf school curriculum at Ohio State University), and he advised me pretty much the same way.   His view was that he needed my swing to settle down and become consistent, whenever that was, before trying to be fit.   His view was the more variation I had in my swing, the harder it would be for him to fit me.

        So, what I've decided to do is continue with the lessons and swing changes this winter (that also includes a LOT of indoor practice to get the swing grooved as best as possible), then when the weather starts to break and I can get outdoors to play a few rounds, it will change a bit again as I don't get visual feedback on every shot, as I'm getting now indoors with video.   At that point, I'll go get fit.    This also has the advantage of the fitter being able to take his Trackman setup outdoors on grass to get the best real readings.


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