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Titleist Ball Fitting Van...I Recommend A Ball Fitting!


Over the years, I have been fit various times for golf balls like most on this site.  However, recently the Titleist Ball Fitting Van with Lee rolled in Ohio and this was not your fathers typical ball fitting.  First, we used TrackMan to review wedges, irons and driver shots with various balls.  Then after analyzing the data it was interesting how one could fit a ball to your current clubs or make some adjustments (assuming the results were close) to fit your clubs to a ball!  Second, to see the spin and other data to determine which ball(s) fit my game best was impressive....albeit I have used the ProV1x for a long time it was a close tie between the ProV1 and Prov1x...depending on some preferences!  In my case, I found this to be one of the most valuable ball fittings I have experienced in years, even compared to what I did at Titleist TPI in Oceanside (Granted they did not do a comprehensive ball fitting the last time I was there, it was just basic feedback on balls).

Bottomline, if the Ball Fitting Van stops by your local area check it out!



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