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brian p

Hey guys, I was just wondering which Titleist golf ball would give me the most spin from 150 or less yards out even though I have a slow swing speed.

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  1. Bubba

    Hi Brian, 

    Thanks for the post. 

    When it comes to generating spin from 150 yards and in, the Pro V1 and Pro V1x offer the most control as illustrated in the graph above. Swing speed is not the only factor to consider when selecting a golf ball. Factors such as angle of attack and club selection also play an important role. We suggest trying multiple models during an on course evaluation. Pay attention to which model offers the best spin and control for your particular game.

    In the end, golf ball selection should be about finding the golf ball that will help you shoot your lowest scores.

    Hope this helps. 


  2. brian p

    Thanks once again, Team Titleist. I really appreciate the help.

  3. Chris92009

    Very interesting, I would have thought the ProV1 would be higher than the ProV1x.  That being said, I have been told the ProV1x has a slightly higher launch angle than the ProV1, is this a result of the increased spin? Also, it seems when I hit 100 yard approach shots the ProV1 spins back farther than the ProV1x...however the graph would lead us to another conclusion.  I realize there are many variables here so just trying to make better sense of the situation.


  4. ToddL

    Brian - While the golf ball certainly has characteristics that spin more or less by design, I would not concern myself with just the spin from inside 150 yards.  Remember that will be the same ball that you will play the entire hole with, so...a higher spin ball may have an adverse impact on your tee shot or long iron distance and control. 

    The numbers will give you data, but playing a full hole with the "high spin" ball may not be best for your game.

  5. Jae Hun K

    Hi Brian,

    Form my exprience, you should check your ball lauch angle and landing angle. 

    It is really different from person to person ,depending on the swing style and club selection. I figured out that V1x has higher lauch angle and V1 has lower lauch angle. Both balls have good spin performance, but for me V1x has better drop and stop performance.

    You might want to check this table as well

    Good luck Brian,

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