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Driver distance differences between balls.

Jim S

Can you tell me the approximate difference in distance for someone with a 108 mph driver swing between all the Titleist balls?

(I know there are other variables but I did say approximate. I also know there are other considerations but I don't want those considered for now.)



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  1. Matthew N

    No more than ten yards, in my opinion. I have only played the proV1x and the proV1, but I hit the x about ten yards further than the regular V1. For your SS, Prov1x would probably be the longest.

  2. Jim S

    Thanks Matthew, but I was hoping someone on the Titleist staff would answer definitively on the difference between ALL balls as tested by a Machine (Iron Byron maybe) so that it would not be subject to the inconsistencies of a human or by perception.

    Surely they have done these tests.



  3. Lauren M

    Good morning Jim,

    If you go to the Golf Ball Fitting section and scroll to the bottom, you can view the PDF version of the "Titleist Golf Ball Performance Fitting Guide" and on the 5th page it provides you with the average distance between the NXT, NXT Tour, Pro V1x, and Pro V1 at a variety of swing speeds. That average is 4-5 yards and that is directly from the company.

    Hope this helps!


  4. Jim S

    Hi Lauren,

    That would have been very helpful if I could have read the scale. Tried to zoom but it would never come up. Even tried a screen capture and zooming in but still could not read it.

    Thanks anyway,



  5. memphisunited

    I was told during a ball fitting that the difference in driver distance is in the 5 yard range.   The key to performance is to find the right ball starting on the green and going back to the driver.   Start with the ball that works best for scoring.

  6. Michael, Golf Ball Fitting Van


    Many of the replies are correct.  The difference between each golf ball off the tee is only 4-5 yards.  It's a common misconception that one goes significantly further than another.  It is that fact that we here at Titleist use to emphasize the green-to-tee methodology.  Because the yardage difference is so minor, so little to not even change your second shot club selection, it is more important to select a golf ball that is going to help you improve your approach shots.  I hope this helps.  Here is the link to our Golf Ball Fitting website if you want to try downloading some of the information:

    Michael Collins

    Titleist Golf Ball Fitter

    East Coast Mobile Fitting Team

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