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Does The Ball Really Make A Difference!

thesby t

I think the golf swing makes a difference on how well you play! The golf ball doesn't matter to me! If you want to play good golf you have to put in the work! I mean putting in very hard work and time too!

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi Thesby,

    There are certainly a lot of different elements that go into your golf game. Putting in the work and time to build a better game is definitely a big part. However, when it comes to the golf ball I don't think you can understate its importance. 

    When you think about it, the golf ball is the only piece of equipment that you use on every single shot.

    And I always remind my friends how important it is get fit and then to play the same model ball on every shot, on every hole and during every round. Doing this puts you on the path to a more consistent game and ultimately lower scores.



  2. Speedy

    Hey Thesby,

    IMO, yes the ball does make a difference.   I've been playing golf for the last 25+ years and I've played with my different brands.  Every year I'm trying new golf balls to see if I can  find "the one" to keep using year after year...  Well that didn't happen until a few years ago when I finally decided to spend some money and get a dozen of ProV1s..   My first reaction "WOW"..   Since then it's been my go to ball...  I'll admit, from time to time I'll try out other golf balls but I'm always going back to the ProV1s....  

    Why?  Feel..   There is NO BETTER FEEL than the ProV1s especially around and on the greens...    

    Also, I don't get to play much these days but when I do get that chance I'm teeing it up with the best...

    It's worth noting I haven't been fitted yet for golf balls but it is on my radar....  Hopefully soon...

    Wish you all the best and play well!  Fairways and greens...



  3. Don O

    No question that a ball alone will not change your game. However, there are differences and if you are playing enough to work on your game, you can play one ball consistently and see a difference quickly with a different kind of ball. My own experience is the Pro-V1x and NXT Tour provide my best tee to green setup. The Pro-V1x is a softer feel around the greens, but probably no scoring difference. NXT Tour-S,Hex, and Gamer will not give me the same distance, and a club here and there will cost me a couple of strokes a round. And I only know this searching for a yellow option on days I can't follow white balls against a hazy sky. These are my results - yours will vary. If you've invested a grand in clubs and a couple of grand in fees for range, courses, and lessons, then playing a consistent ball will make a difference.
  4. Sam E

    I used to have that same saying, and i practiced and practiced and results got better and stuck with my dollar golf balls. I also thought only really good players would benefit from a premium ball.

    Then one day at the beginning of the year I found a mint Pro V1 on the fairway and played the last 6 holes with it. Every shot I hit was noticeably better. My drives would go longer and straighten out. All my long and mid iron shots seemed to go a bit higher and drop on the green and stick instead of the usual rolling to the back of the green.

    That did it for me, I took my stock of 6 dozen or so new balls I had stashed to the range and hit them, then bought Pro V1s

    I'm currently playing Pro V1x, won't play anything else.

  5. thesby t

    ok, but i still think it's the swing that's a major part of the game and well you putt! some balls feel soft of the clubhead and some are hard! i've used some soft golf balls and they went long off the tee. also, old balata balls i have played with went far too! the only difference in the tour ball is the price compared to the average one. now range balls don't go far because they have been hit so many times! i'll look into getting fit but i rather get fit for clubs rather than a golf ball.

  6. thesby t

    so do i! i play Pro V1's too but use them for putting and on less rough golf courses! the Pro V1's i purchase are refurbished but i do have some new one's!

  7. thesby t

    i see the wanamaker trophy! you must be a club or teaching pro! in this case i'll take your advice but you must have a good swing to hit the ball solidly!

  8. thesby t

    the ball depends of a golfer's taste and preference! some golfers like soft core ones while other like the tour pro hard core type.

  9. Titleist Fan 3482

    the ball really helps once you have put in alot of work

  10. thesby t


  11. Don O

    LOL - my dreams, but the PGA had the trophy on display for the volunteers to get close to as part of the prep for the Championship week. I did have my TT shirt on for the picture. Starting at 59, I've worked on swing and being LH and of slower swing, settled on Titleist equipment since there aren't full lines available from retail oriented OEMs, let alone for fittings. The last piece to add to the tool box was the ball. Another advantage of Titleist is the lines only get updated. DT, NXT and ProV are names that have been around for years. Unlike others that go in different directions from year to year. I don't have to read reviews and shop to find out what my next alternative for last year's ball will be.
  12. thesby t

    oh, but i will always play Titleist because the others don't suit me. It's worth the money if you can keep it out of the rough! you do look like a teaching pro!

  13. Chuck Z

    I was fitted for my current Prov1s when a representative from Titleist visited our course a number of years ago.  Am leaving in the morning for the Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs in Nova Scotia which are a links style courses along the eastern coast of Canada. When I spoke with my local Titleist rep and he recommended that I play a Prov1x in those types of conditions which will be windy and a bit different from the normal bermuda courses I am accustomed to playing along the coast of South Carolina.  My question to him was should I change to the NXT tour and he said "no", "stay with the Prov1 just go to the Prov1x for this trip".   I trust the folks at Titleist and the number one ball in golf.  Thanks, Bobby.....

  14. Frank P

    I played the DT ball for years until I went to a Titleist ball fitting a couple of years ago. It made a believer out of me. It's been Pro V1 ever since. I certainly don't hit every shot in the center of the clubface and will hit some tee shots in the rough (or a fairway bunker for that matter). That's called golf and don't believe it's a criteria for ball or club fitting. Nor is waiting to develop the "perfect" swing. Speaking for myself, I don't have enough time left on earth for that. LOL. Enjoy the game!
  15. thesby t

    a perfect swing takes times meaning days, months and years to get! it's only all about getting a repeated swing that will take you from the practice tee to the golf course! then, from time to time even at home you can work on that perfect swing! i do like the dt because of the price but it does not have the feel of the pro-v1. it's going to be how good your swing is that's going to make the ball go far and straight! keep on hit them solid!

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