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Had my fitting

Tee Time Kev

I was a bit skeptical at first, every ball company has their own way of fitting. But at our Member Guest a few weeks ago Titleist did a demo day and included a ball fitting.  And the first recommendation for me was the Pro v1x  (been playing the Pro V1) and bada bing I am as happy as a clam with the switch. I find them a bit longer and I can still get them to the stick. I think as usual Titleist is just a step ahead of the rest and have the fitting down.


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  1. Patrick H

    That is great news!  I personally believe that more people should be playing a PRO V1x as it spins less on "miss-hits" and still has stopping power on and around the greens.

  2. Dennis M

    Maybe it's just me, but from one weekend to the next, I really can't find a noticeable difference in my game, whether I play an NXT Tour or the optic yellow Pinnacle I recently tried. I like the Pinnacle because I really can see it better in the air and find it faster on the ground.I simply don't see a white ball after about 150 yards.


    Needless to say, it's going to take a computer to tell me what I can't tell for myself. I wish any of the companies would come around here so I could get tested. At that point, even if I wasn't doing a Titleist test, I could take their readings and buy the compareable Titleist ball.

  3. paul l

    l agree.  I use another brand normally but wasn't able to truly test the ProV1 or the ProV1x side by side against it.  I'd have loved to have seen my results and would've gone with whatever Titleist product produced the better results based on the computer.

  4. Geoffrey B

    lol same here i just paint the white ones yellow.

  5. matt d

    i got a fitting from another brand but there hasnt been any titleist fittings any where near here

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