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Titleist Ball Fitting Van Visits Ontario

Mitch D Team Titleist Staff

The Titleist Ball Fitting Van has made its way north of the border and may be at a course near you in the coming days.

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Have you ever been fit for your golf ball?
Did you enjoy the experience and learn anything from the session?

5 Replies

  1. Chris92009

    Wow! Titleist is everywhere!!
  2. Dino J

    Great news Mitch.

    My only ball fitting is the process that Titleist used to recommend in terms of working backwards from the greens to the tee box. Of course, I relied on the fitting chart form that Titleist used to have posted on the older website too.

    It would be a neat experience to partake in the fitting van process! I hope the golfers in Ontario are able to take advantage of the opportunity when the van arrives!
  3. FJL

    Awesome! The nay-sayers will become believers.
  4. Chuck Z

    Cheers to all my buds up north, Mitch. Long way to drive for a fitting. I was fitted for my PROV1 a number of years ago and it seems to be working. I encourage all members to give it a go. ChuckZ, FJA
  5. MRau

    It's too bad I wish I could make it to the fitting. It's a shame to always miss these things , did a Bstone fitting 2 weeks ago and my numbers with the prov1x killed the b330!! Lol the rep didn't have much to say.

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