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Anyone Remember The Pinnacle?

Dennis M

I really liked the optic yellow balls that were available until a few years ago. With poor vision like mine, I don't see anything after about 150 yards. What makes it so bad is that I can no longer play alone if I have to use a white golf ball.


I recently saw another brand's ad for a yellow ball they were coming out with in their high quality line. It sounded like a suitable replacement for the NXT Tour balls I like. I went to a local Edwin Watts store and they didn't have them, but the guy there suggested I might be surprised by the Pinnacles and that they had them in yellow, 15 balls for $14.95... I tried a box and have been HUGELY surprised by their performance. Then one of the monthly golf magazines confirmed what I had just found out.


These Pinnacle Precision balls in optic yellow are the best value for money I've found with performance I feel is up to what I was getting out of the NXT Tour. I still have about 3 dozen NXT Tours at home, so maybe I'll use them someday, but as long as I can get my yellow Pinnacles, I'm a happy golfer.

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  1. Christopher L

    I saw somebody yesterday during the Bridgestone Invitational using an orange ball.  I think it was one of the Japanese players, but I can't remember his name.

  2. zac S

    something like myizotu

  3. Dennis M

    I had three old orange balls in my shag bag and I gave them to my granddaughter because she thought they were so cool. My daughter wasn't thrilled... as if my granddaughter needed any more junk in her room, but for some reason, she picks up the three orange balls and puts them on her dresser every night. Wonder why?

    I'm still looking for some yellow DT Solo balls someone in a different thread told me about, but I don't see the optic yellow listed in any of the online dealers Titleist sections.

  4. Geoffrey B

    I think I do try ebay

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