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Now I know!

Sean H

I went through the ball fitting process, and was suprised with the results. The web site suggested either NXT Tour or Pro V1x, I have always used the Pro V1 before. After testing following the ball fitting evaluation process I find that the NXT Tour is for me. It provides a more consistant result for me and although I do still prefer the feel of the ProV1 off the putter the difference in short game feel is virtually the same. I can now stand over my ball with the confidence that it's choice was data driven and it is indeed the best ball for my game. And it will save me a little money WIN/WIN

thanks Titleist

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  1. Ryan Crysler

    I know it's been a while but I was wondering how the ball change worked for you!?


    Ryan Crysler
    Head Instructor
    My Golf Performance Center

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