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Pro V1 or ProV1x

Jordan K

I am set on using a tour ball so my dilemma is deciding between a Pro V1 and a Pro V1x. I like to get a lot of spin around the greens which I know both offer that. However, I do struggle hitting it straight off the tee. I was wondering if the Pro V1x might be better for me because of less spin. The ball fitting program online suggested Pro V1 but I'm not convinced. I am usually about a 6 handicap around the green, but about a 20 off the tee. Let me know what you think.

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  1. meh

    I know your what your talking about, i had that same question but I would go with the Pro V1x. it has better feel and it helps you hit it with out a slice or a hook. Its a better golf ball.

  2. Paul V1

    i had a similar issue UNTIL i switched to the pro v1. i love it. it's forgiving enough off the tee, just gotta hit the range, you'll be fine.

  3. Ty William G

    Maybe one way would be to hit the chipping green with both balls on the same day but one morning the other evening and see which you perfer? I am sorta like the others hitting the range or chipping green for preferance and it will work out!

  4. David Browning

    This is just MY own personal opinion, but, from your post...I'd go with the Pro V1x. If you're a "20" off the tee, the Pro V1 will spin way too much for you. The Pro V1x gets some amazing results off the tee, long irons, yet, it has that special touch on approach shots around the green!

  5. Jordan K

    I think I'm leaning towards ProV1x. I played a round with one and really liked it. I didn't notice any difference with greenside spin. I just noticed a little less spin on full shots which is good because I don't need to be backing it off the green. Just one hop and then pull the string back to where it landed.

  6. Mark E

    I'm in the same boat and I decided to play the X.  Its a little straighter off the tee in my opinion, and I think it spins more on partial wedge shots than the Pro V1

  7. Quintin H

    Are you talking about the 2010's?

    Before 2010, even though Titleist said different, the X had more spin. Even Golf Magazine ball test said so.

    I haven't tried 2010 X, but I was given 2010 ProV1's, and I was really surprised at the spin around the green.

    If the 2010 X still has more spin than the V it might be too much (which would be odd for me).

  8. Richard S

    X is slightly firmer around the greens...if anything will offer a slightly lower ball flight with al clubs..

  9. Sirhc

    I attended a Titleist Ball Fitting today at my local course.  This was more comprehensive than past Titleist fittings hosted by this course; they actually used Titleist balls and Trackman.  This fitting took into account spin and launch for:  partial wedge shots, 6-irons, and drivers.

    Past Titleist fittings have used range balls and a Vector launch monitor that measures initial numbers and predicts distance, trajectory, etc.  The ball recommendation was based on wedge angle of attack and drivers. 

    If you can find a Titleist Ball Fitting near you, take advantange of the opportunity.


  10. Geoffrey B


  11. Michael C

     A 12 handicap and have similiar issues. Changed to the ProV1x  3 months ago and this week shot my best round of 75.

     Will talk about the round and the type of ball into the next golf season.

    Mike C

  12. Clinton M

    the pro v1.

  13. chris w

    go with the x. they spin as well. look at your driver, maybe get that fitted

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