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My on-course ball fitting


After the online ball test (recommended V1x or NXT Tour to help fight driver sidespin) and several practice sessions around the green, I found myself with an empty golf course on Friday night to perform a real-life test over the course of 9 holes.

Driver: 70% of the time, my drives are a very slight fade. The other 30%, they can easily turn into a push slice. On this night, I was pretty straight so it was hard to see how much NXT Tour would've kept me in the short grass. Both balls were often side-by-side distance wise. But I must say...the NXT Tour felt like I crushed it every time. I was shocked every time I reached my ball to see it had merely gone the same distance as the ProV1x. I assume that I'm just experiencing the "feel" of more compression based on my 90mph swing speed?

Iron Approaches: NXT Tour definitely seemed to fly higher, which is probably a good thing for me. Didn't notice any big differences in distance or dispersion.

Short Game: Around the practice green, the V1x (and V1) always win over the NXT Tour hands down. But in the heat of battle, this high-teens handicap is much more inconsistent with distance control. There are just as many instances when I yell at a pitch or chip to "Go!" as I do "Bite!' So really, not sure which ball would get me closer to the hole more consistently. Although I will say, psychologically, I love the confidence that I can swing a bit more aggressively on my chips and have the V1x bite. Flubbed chips sneak in when I try to baby my swing.

So I'm left with a dilemma. Inconsistency. There are drives where I'm sure the NXT Tour will keep my fade in the short grass. Yet at the same time, there was a hole on Friday night where the fade of the ProV1x saved me. I had aimed down the left side and the V1x gently faded back to the left side of the fairway. My NXT Tour started off on the same path yet hung on, catching a tree branch! There was a bunker shot where my V1x bit and nestled. There was a long chip where my V1x bit and needed to run out a few more feet!

So, for me, the jury is out. After using ProV1x for the past two seasons before this test, I'm thinking of switching to NXT Tour simply because of how great it felt off the driver compared to the V1x.


-Tim W.


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  1. Michael, Golf Ball Fitting Van


    I sounds like you're doing everything right here.  On course evaluation is the best method to use in determining which golf ball is best for you.  By the sounds of it, NXT Tour seems like it might be a good choice too.  You made some great observations as to the difference between both that and Pro V1x (such as sidespin and greenside performance), however, I can definitely agree that this process can be tough when shots are a bit inconsistent.  My advice would be to continue the comparison process and get a good overall assessment.  One thing to keep in mind is what part of your game do you put more effort into when trying to lower your scores, your short game or long game?  Pro V1x has better short game control for you and NXT Tour works better on longer shots for sidespin control, so the answer to that question could be the decision making factor as to which golf ball fits your overall game.  I hope this helps.

    Michael Collins

    Titleist Golf Ball Fitter


  2. GoodWalk

    Thanks so much for the reply, Michael.

    It will definitely be on ongoing process until the snow begins to fly here in Massachusetts. And to your point, my inconsistency makes it a tough choice. But the more I think about it:

    - Inconsistency off the tee could sometimes lead to bunkers, heavy rough, trees, water, OB, lost ball...all sorts of trouble that could lead to a big number.

    - Inconsistency on and around the green could lead to a 10 foot putt versus a 4 foot putt, potentially costing me a stroke.

    Seems that maybe, for a 19 HC like myself that loses several strokes every round due to 2 or 3 blow-up holes following bad drives, NXT Tour might be the better option.

    We'll see. Stay tuned.

    Thanks again.

    -Tim W.

  3. A.J. B

    Thanks  for the review.  Lots of good info there.  I am in the same position as you.  I just recently have switched over to the Pro V1x for good and I will never go back..

  4. Geoffrey B

    Yeah me too. I used to play callaway but I'm a total titleist convert 100 percent. Thanks guys

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