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should i switch balls ?

Ben K

i currently use a proV1x and i have always been a one hop and stop player with my irons and i love the distance and feel off the driver. This year i bought a set of 710 mb blades its my first set of blades and ive worked alot on my swing and my complete game i now spin the ball alot usually about 5-8 feet depending on greens driver has gotten longer with the new swing and a bit faster should i go down to a nxt tour ball or stay with the proV1x ?

my swing speed with driver is 125-130 and i sport a very nice 0 handicap now and i really dont want to play a differant ball but if it would help im all ears.

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  1. NavyLD12

    I think if you are playing the ProV1x you should continue to play it. I dont think you will see a vast improvement in the performance. But I may be wrong give it a shot for a few rounds or go get fit for the right ball. The worst that can happen is you save a few dollars by playing the NXT.(IMO)

  2. shinwedge

    It sounds like you are playing the best ball for your game. You may want to work on learning to take some spin off the ball when needed. The Pro V is going to give you the best overall performance in a golf ball. The NXT Tour is a great ball but I do not think you will like the feel as well as the Pro V1. It may spin a little less but, the overall performance may not be as good.

  3. David Browning

    Yeah, the Pro V1x is probably going to be your best bet. However, the NXT is an excellent ball, and for the money, you can't beat it! My swing speed is pretty high and I use the Pro V1. If you're SS is 125+, WOW...I wouldn't change ANYthing. You can get 100 different responses, but to be honest, you're not going to be happy until YOU find out for yourself. If I were you, I'd go buy a sleeve of NXT's and just compare them to your Pro V1x's the next time that you go to the range or links. When I "test" golf balls, I'll easily spend a whole day, every day, for a good couple of weeks doing extensive tests. If you don't have a lot of time, at least hit some off the tee (not just with your driver, but with fairway metals, long irons, etc..); 250, 200, 150, 100, 75, 50, 25 yards from the green/hole...still not enough time, at least 200, 100, sure to hit some out of the rough, bunkers (heck, I even test hitting out of water!). NO MATTER WHAT, play the ball (a Titleist ball, of course!), that best fits YOUR game! I wish you the best!

  4. Hotsauce

    Just have some fun testing.  You'll never know what ball plays best, until you play both balls.

    Play a match for each ball.  Make sure play the ball that 'won' off the next tee first to avoid second swing syndrome.  

    Play some strokeplay ball vs ball, and then play a self scramble ball vs ball, and keep track of which shot you used most.

    Lastly find a good even spot in the fairway (where there's no groups around) and just fire your favorite club.  I drop them at the 150 mark and unleash my 8 iron.  I place two of each ball so you can't tell what ball is what at address, and fire them all into the green.  See how much they spun, how far they traveled, and note which ball feels best. 

    After a couple of rounds you'll have a clear winner.

  5. Geoffrey B

    Exactly, since your a 0 handicap I would stick what's working for you

  6. Ben K

    i went out and bought 2 sleeves of nxt balls and played a round with one yesterday and ive got some scrambles comming up that require me to cut some corners and go for alot of greens on par 4's and i would rather lose a nxt than my new proV1x's i played a full 18 holes with the nxt

    i did like the feel off the longer clubs driver 3 wood and hybrid did notice a little increase in distance and a little higher ball flight off the longer clubs i could still get them to spin a bit off the irons but didnt like the feal as much as the proV1x and really didnt like the feel off the putter or the wedges.

    thanks to everyones replies i will be sticking with my proV1x balls and will play a nxt when playing scrambles.

    i am working on controlling my spin it so far has gone ok and has added a few shots to my game i didnt have before thanks guys


  7. JOHN M

    it sounds good.....u have choosen d best my opinion continue with it..


  8. Geoffrey B


  9. Jarrod M

    I have the same swing speed,  same handicap, so i know where you are coming from. DO NOT switch to the NXT tour. You're too good of a player to not have the feel of the PRO V1x.

    I had the same problem except I would spin the ball up to 15 feet at times. I would recommend making a change in club selection as I did. I take an extra club and take a smoother, more easy of a swing in order to take some spin off. The spin is coming from the high swing speed. If you can back off a little bit, you will see a big change and possibly become a + hcp if you work at the distance with the new approach!

  10. Brent W

    You could also try swinging a stiffer shaft. It will impart less spin on the ball as it will not bend forward as much at the moment of impact and thus result in less loft and less spin.

  11. eagle3

    I don't know if you should switch balls, but what I have found that works well for me is determining what playing conditions are at the time I go out on the course. I normally play the ProV1x, but of late am using the NXT Tour in conditions where temps are below 65 or the humidity is high. Seems to work for me and I find that it hasn't affected my distance or control off the driver and irons.

    This is something a local Pro told me and it might be wrth trying. Like he said, It couldn't hurt. And ou never know, it might your answer

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