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how to chose your ball



I was wondering how do you chose your golf ball ?

I know that there's softer golf balls and harder and etc but how do you know which ones suits you bests ?

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  1. Todd C

    I would say it all depends on what is important to you - distance or green side control?  I think the better balls - ProV1 and ProV1x are great overall balls for most skill level, unless you are a complete hack.  If you want a little more distance and don't care about the spin as much, try the NXT balls.  I think the ProV1x has just as much distance as the NXT and spins up perfectly on the greens, but if you are already a long hitter and just want a ball that spins and checks up on demand, go for the ProV1.  Just my two cents, the new Titleist prototype ball is going to be a big hit too whenever they release it...

  2. Jeff P

    Todd brings up some great points on ball selection that you should definitely consider.

    You may also want to consider ball flight and how it relates to your swing speed. Personally I have a high-swing speed with leads to high-ball spin and a high-ball flight. I find that the ProV1x minimizes some of the extra spin that my swing produces. This aids in keeping my ball flight “down” and reduces "ballooning" when hitting into the wind. Now there are many high-ball hitters who prefer the regular ProV1—so it really comes down to personal feel as ProVs both are great balls.

    As for golf ball hardness, most players prefer a softer ball as it aids in "feel" around the green. Both ProVs are soft and excellent around the green. I've never played the NXTs, so I can't speak for their greenside feel.

    I'd recommend that you go out for a practice round and play multiple balls—towards the end of the round I'm sure you'll gravitate towards one ball or another.

    I hope this helps. Performance golf balls definitely make this game a lot more fun!





  3. David Browning

    As I've always said...


    When I'm choosing a golf ball, I'll do some VERY detailed testing. I'll play a round with my regular ball (2009 Pro V1) and another ball(s). Shot for shot. 250, 200, 150, 125, 100, 75; and so on, yards in...draws, fades, low, high, chip, pitch, putt...there's so much to mention.


    If you need ANY help whatsoever, don't hesitate to ask for help/suggestions.

  4. Hotsauce

    This is a good strategy.  I'm also a big fan of the self scramble.  Just play two balls for 18 holes, and see which ball you pick more.

    I care about chipping, putting, and holding greens with long irons the most.  I'm not a long hitter by any means, but I'm accurate with my irons, and I can chip and putt, so I look for a ball that performs the best around the greens.  I love the Pro V, the only thing I don't like about it is it's not very durable.  Although it looks like they solved that problem with the new balls.

    The new "test" balls will be a big hit.

    Have fun with it, and figure out which ball is for you.

  5. Alan C

    I have a swing speed of 85 MPH. I struggle to keep from "coming over the top". I like the consistency of Titleist balls. I have used other golf balls. I like the Titleist the best. My iron play is themost consistent and better than my drives. I prefer more stopping power than distance. I use long irons rather than woods off of the fairways. I need something that stops and feels soft on my irons. Is the compression of the ProV1's too high for my swing speed? What ball do you recommend?


  6. Jeff S

    There are a ton of different opinions out there, but I have always gone back to the Pro V1X.  I have tried them all.  As most golfers I am always looking for the "edge" that any new product or ball might give me.  I have a swing speed of 105 on the driver.  I had people tell me that the Pro V1 would be better for me, but the X just flies much straighter off of the driver.  Much less spin for me.  I would buy a sleeve of each and hit several extra drives during a round  (as long as the course is not backed up) and see what you like the best.

  7. J.D.

    I posted a similar question entitled NXT Tour or Pro V1x. Below is a copy of what John from Titleist replied:

    My name is John Fizer and I am a member of the East Coast Performance Ball Fitting Team. We hear this question quite frequently. You are definitely on the right track comparing golf balls side by side!

    With regards to distance, Pro V1, Pro V1x, NXT Tour, and NXT all fly within 4 yards under similar launch conditions. Regardless of clubhead speed, you are looking at a very small, non-game changing difference in distance between these four models. 

    The game changing difference is spin!

    Pro V1 - Softer feel. Spins high with everything, every shot, every club

    Pro V1x - Firmer feel. Spins high around the green (almost identical to Pro V1), spins lower with longer shots. This low spin with the longer shots is very attractive to high spin, high speed players. This lower spin will make mis-hits and errant shots more manageable than with a higher spinning golf ball like Pro V1.

    The fact that PGA Tour players and better players use Pro V1x is due to its performance, not due to its ability give the better player something "extra". All players can benefit from Pro V1x, in fact any player who is looking for a decreased shot dispersion with longer shots and high spin around the greens should absolutely give Pro V1x a try!

    NXT TOUR - Not a Urethane Elastomer cover like the Pro V1 family so green side spin is sacrificed and the ball spins lower than both Pro V1 models with all shots. The biggest difference will again be in SPIN and in the case of NXT Tour spin around the greens. NXT TOUR is somewhat comparable to the Pro V1 family OUTSIDE OF 100 yards. Because it is lower spinning NXT TOUR will have less of a tendency to move left and right than both Pro V1 models. 

    We suggest taking all three models out on the course, and implementing our GREEN TO TEE METHODOLOGY. Start from the green compare the 3 balls (feel, spin etc..) see which ball wins and then move back to pitch shots > full mid iron shots > full long iron shots > hybrid/fairway woods > driver. Since the balls all fly so close to one another and they are all long distance is taken care of....we want you to concentrate on the short-game/approach shots that really influence your overall score, and the shots where SPIN is soooooo important!

    Please see the Golf Ball Fitting link on for any other questions!  Good Luck!

  8. Alan C

    Thanks Jeff. I will try just that!


  9. Alan C

    Thanks J.D. Your approach sounds like an excellent way to determine what is best for me. I agree that 100 yds. and closer is the " critical scoring zone".



  10. Geoffrey B

    Yes, That's almost exactly how my system works. It's probably the best way to find out.

  11. Alan C

    Thanks Geoff -   Have a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new yea


  12. Rod T

    My driver ss is only 95 but I've yet to find an all-around ball better than the ProV1. Feels good off the driver, irons, and putter. Excellent around the greens and I can count on knowing what it's going to do. Some may say that with my ss, I should be playing a different ball, but results are results and it doesn't get any better than the ProV1.

  13. Jeff P

    In case any of you missed it here's a great article and video that was posted in today's Boston Globe:


  14. Jeff P

    Just noticed that the last link I posted was just the video. Here the full article:

  15. Alan C

    Jeff P.

    Thanks for the input. I appreciate the help.



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