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Importance of ball in fitting process

greg p

OK, I’m confused.

A big deal is made out of the importance of driver fitting -- marrying the shaft to the club head to optimize flight, distance and control.  Can the choice of ball influence this?  How important is ball choice in this process?  I’m thinking club head, ball, and shaft in that order.

 The other point I want to make is that choosing balls can be an expensive and confusing process for the consumer.  I know, in the past, I have liked a particular model only to have it discontinued or modified in a year or two-- in a not always a better way. It’s frustrating to have to repeat the process annually.

 I appreciate your efforts to help us make a better choice.  And I really appreciate the samples which help even more. Thanks for thinking of us!

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  1. Hotsauce

    If you get Tour fitted you'll hit every shot with your ball of choice.  For me it was the Pro V1.  Many fitters (especially the indoor ones) will have you hit the ball of your choice as well.  That should help with you driver fitting accuracy.

    I personally enjoy ball fitting.  Just go out for an after work 9 and play two balls.  Sleeves aren't two expensive, or next time your partner clubs one into the woods help him look for it.  You might find a good ball to demo someday.

    But you gotta love Titleist for sending out some sleeves.  I'm a Pro V1 guy, but I'm excited to try the new 1x as well.  I honestly wouldn't have hit one unless a friend had one or I found one in the woods.

  2. Ryan Crysler

    Ball selection is really more of factor around the greens when it comes to touch, feel, sound, and spin on all those scoring shots including putting. 

    The choice of ball off the tee in the scheme of things is smaller factor.  We can make any golf ball fly as far as possible with clubhead, surefit tour hosel settings, and shafts. As long as you are happy with your choice around the greens, I'll maximize your driving distance off the tee.


  3. brandon b

    I would have to disagree with the assessment of the ball off the tee.  There are many balls that have dimple patterns that are not the best for spin or lack there of.  Spin off the face of the driver can reduce the flight and cause the ball to do crazy things.  I would say the ball is as important off the tee as it is on every other shot...but one hits more with the putter than any other club in the bag.

  4. greg p

    I got fitted outdoors at a prominent course in the Chicago area.  I know they used range balls and I'm pretty sure they were a mixture of TF and Pinnacle. I probably should have went somewhere that used better balls. My guess is that anything I use on course will be an improvement.  The bottom line is I will continue to experiment--and try to have fun in the process (right, Josh?).

    I love the feel of the Prov when putting, around the green and off the driver.  However, I feel like I have more control over the ProV1x and NXT tour on longer shots. I've been switching between all of them depending on how I feel that day.  Will probably continue to do so.

    Thanks a lot for your comments and advice.


  5. Quintin H


    I think what he meant was you pick a ball based on your short game and putting, not on your long game, then the fitting process will maximize that ball for the long game.

    For example, suppose you choose a ball, then they can fit your gear to maximize the ball performance for your swing. And if you choose a ProV1 they can fit your gear to maximize the ProV1 for your swing.

    I don't think he meant 'the ball is not important', I think he meant 'which ball you choose doesn't matter we can maximize it'.

  6. Hotsauce

    That's right Greg. Fun's the name of the game, unless you're earning a living on the course.

  7. Josh

    I went through a ball fitting last week.  I always thought I was a Pro v1x guy and the numbers only confirmed that.  However, the process was really cool.  The fitter started me out hitting 30-50 yard shots and was measuring the spin with each ball.  From there we went to the 6 iron and while we looked at the spin, the ball flight was most important.  Fianlly we hit some drivers to just dial it in.  Theres just that much more confidence knowing I'm playing the right ball.

    For me I spun the new Pro v1X more than the Pro v1.  the X had a higher penetrating trajectory for me, moreso than the V1.  Watching the nubmes and the ball flight was really interesting.  Thanks Titleist.  You all have hit it out of the park with this new ball!!!!!

  8. Tyler H

    Great info Josh. I am looking forward to hopefully having the Titleist van head my way this spring/summer to get fit.
  9. Ryan Crysler

    In my mind, you have to be fit for a ball, and clubs at the same time.  Using a "range ball" is like throwing speed bumps on a race track.

    There has to be an Advanced Fitter near you that will take your fitting to the next level! 

    Have you been to the KPC?

    Kpc @ The Glen Club

    2901 W Lake Ave
    Glenview, IL 60026-1264



  10. Hotsauce

    You can hit a Pro V1 so much better than a beat out X out.  I've been working on the range beating X outs up until this last weekend and a ball makes a big difference with distance and feel.  I wish I had a Rory McIlory range where I could rip some Pro V's around.

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