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Ball App for iPhone


Anyone download and use this yet?

Decent content but I wouldn't keep going back to it once I did it once.  

Here's my review

Utility - 1/5 one time use

Design - 4/5 nice visuals, optimized for screen, quick

Content - 3/5 content is good but it's the same as online.  


Overall, nice to see you guys dabbling but apps need to provide a reason to go back if you want to keep people interacting with the brand.  Think putter app, PGA Tour app, etc.  When there is content that is refreshed including video it drives the user to access the app more.  Team Titleist is mobile yes, however, I would think that an app would run alot smoother for most vs. a mobile site.


2 Replies

  1. Justinu3

    Wow... nobody has checked this out huh??  



  2. Chris92009

    Justin, tried the app and it seems a lower handicap player I am skeptical of a ball fitting app however it is a good conceptual tool and gets someone started in the process.


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