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A terrible dilema

P Ford

I feel like such a traitor!!! I played another ball the other day and really liked it. I played the rx-s and got lots of spin. I was just wondering if any of you have played the rx-s and compared it to the pro v1. I dont think i will make a permanent switch because titleist is the best, but i cant help but wonder, could I shoot better scores? I need help!

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  1. Ted P

    Traitor...just kidding.  If you liked the RX-S have you tried the NXT Tour.  Great ball for the money, long and spins really well around the greens.

  2. Quintin H


    Since I don't like what they have done to the ProV1 & X I have been searching. The reason I don't like the changes is because a low spinner(my favorite short game stroke) will not grab the green. The problem is not the amount of spin, it is either the cover material or dimple design. Since the new PV1 is more aerodynamic, which means it grabs less air, I'm guessing it also means it grabs less green on a more horizontal approach.

    I've done a lot of testing of different brands of balls, the RX , RXS, and e5 react to the low spinner just a little better than the ProV1. Standard pitch shots I've never seen a ball stop as fast as the new ProV1, which is something I don't like, I prefer to have a standard pitch roll out some.

    For full swing, I haven't found a ball that stops quicker than the ProV1.

    Using a 8.5* 983K with a sweep swing, nothing is as long as the ProV1.

    The NXT, with its low spin and ionomer cover, grabs the green with a low spinner, rolls out just right with a standard pitch, and is the longest ball off the short irons there is. Its length off driver and fairway is a little low.

    So I've made an adjustment to the driver which should bring the NXT length up some, I switched to a 9.5* 909D3 and a slightly up swing. This should increase the NXT distance, I'll know when I get my swing fully changed and quit hitting off the toe.

    For full swing approaches and standard pitches there is nothing that stops like the new ProV1, not even the old ProV1(the old ProV1 I considered the perfect ball because it was long, stopped plenty good enough with full swing approaches and standard pitches, but it also grabbed the green with a low spinner).

    I've been testing the C25, seems to be holding up to the NXT on short game shots. But putting, it seems to be easily knocked off line, this might because of the extremely shallow dimples, or it might be coincidence. It also seems I need to hit it harder for the same length putt, I have no idea why this would be.

    Earlier I tested the e6, it is long, straight and soft, it stops nicely on full swing approaches, but short game shots it just keeps rolling and rolling. Putting, you have to barely tap the ball and it rolls and rolls. This would be a really good scramble ball, as long as you can change it when you are on or around the green.

  3. P Ford

    Ted P

    Traitor...just kidding.  If you liked the RX-S have you tried the NXT Tour.  Great ball for the money, long and spins really well around the greens.

    I have and got almost no spin with them. I have decided to stick with titleist because theyre the best

  4. Geoffrey B

    You got that right!

  5. JPHB

    I too am a loyal Pro V1 player - but I recently tried a sleeve of the Penta, and I'm sorry but this ball is amazing - this year I shot 79 with a Pro V1 and a 77 with the Penta - a few holes into the round, I just started to feel very confident with this ball - it's super long off the tee and does everything you want it to do.  

    I am considering switching - so it's up in the air, I LOVE Titleist, but we'll see.


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