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ProV1x +

I recently purchased a dozen of the Titleist Pro V1x practice balls but the ball is actually labeled Pro V1x +. I have looked all over the internet...

Golf Balls

2017 Club Championship

I played well, but not my best. Fortunately, my competitors let me off of the hook as I pulled out a victory with the help of...

Golf Balls


I'm reading about the new AVX ball that is just being tested. I would love to try it out here in upstate N.Y. this...

Golf Balls

ProV1 v TruSoft

Living in North Carolina, I try to play golf year round. I play the ProV1 ball-it is great. When the weather gets colder,...

Golf Balls

ProV1 or ProV1X ?

I have played ProV1 since it was introduced. Previously it was the Titleist Professional ball, the HP2(??) and before that we...

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