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Dan C

Anyone got feedback on the new Velocity. Like or dislike? No does it perform around the green? -Dan C.

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  1. Greg E

    I playe the Velocity for 9-holes this past Saturday, 1/28/2012.  I found that it was longer off the tee and with the irons (especially the short irons and wedges) than my regular ball (ProV1x).  It felt good off the driver but the irons shot didn't have that same "click" that I am used to.  Chip  shots tended to "roll out" a touch futher.  Ball is also a extremely bright white in color.  And to me, the sound off the putter was "softer".  I will use this ball in scramble events but not in my regular game.  Suggest that you get some and give them a try.  Who knows, it could be "your" ball.  

  2. Fred C

    It doesn't "hold" to the degree I'd like. I tried really putting some "bite" on with a wedge and it released. I'll stick with V1's

  3. Geoffrey B

    It is pretty good but doesn't hold as well as preferred. To each his own.

  4. david b

    New velocity may be nice, can't beat the pro v
  5. Joshua H

    Please keep in mind that these were never supposed to compare to Pro V1/x
  6. PhillyFan

    I purchased a sleeve of the Velocity, NXT Tour S, and DT SoLo golf balls to test. I liked all 3-balls.

    The Velocity performed as advertised. Distance with feel and some limited green-side spin. It does roll out more then the other 2-balls.

    Very good 2-piece ball, will work well if the greens are playing soft.

    Y'all just need to try a sleeve to see if it fits your game.

  7. John W

    I'm not skilled enough for the Pro V's, they work too much for me when I draw and fade the ball.  NXT Tour balls are perfect for the same thing.  The Velocity ball was like hitting a rock for me.  Balls that would normally draw pushed. 

    My bag and clubs are 100% Titleist but I've played HX Bite for some time because of how well they perform.  I'm thinking the NXT Tour ball may be the best choice.

  8. Brent W

    I just tried one today.

    My thoughts are if you have a swing speed above 100mph with your driver this ball is not for you.

    The prov1x was at least 15 to 20 yards farther and I could really feel the compression of the Velocity.

    I felt that the irons and chipping around the greens the Velocity is ok for soft to medium soft greens. 

    It is a good ball just not for high swing speed players.  (my opinion only).

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